Here’s a classic example of the ignorance of people who judge those with disabilities

What an ignoramus. Perhaps the person who left the note (above) has been listening too much to Tory anti-disability propaganda.

The note was left on a car parked in a space for disabled people by a mother and daughter who have a blue badge parking permit; they were entirely within their rights to park there.

Julie Tanner has a mental disability and needs one-on-one support at all times.

So it seems entirely justifiable for her to have been seriously disturbed when she and her daughter Paige returned to her car at the Woodley shopping precinct, near Reading, to find the following attached to it:

You will be reported for illegal use of a Blue Badge space.

“I witnessed you and your young, able-bodied daughter park the car at 13:10 on 19 Feb 2018 and walk towards the precinct with no sign of a disability.

“This selfish action deprives a disabled person of somewhere to park.”

No – the selfish action of the person who wrote the note instils insecurity and fear in a disabled person who deserves better from her neighbours.

As a sideline, This Writer used the Woodley precinct very often in the 1980s, when I was a student in Reading. I found it extremely pleasant; the people there seemed very friendly.

What a shame that an antisocial element has been allowed to creep in to this attractive area.

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12 thoughts on “Here’s a classic example of the ignorance of people who judge those with disabilities

  1. Thomas

    I am involved with a scheme in my area that relates to the subject matter of this post – it involves a range of products (key fob, small button badge, wristband) which all bear the legend “Not all disabilites are visible”, with the word visible made difficult to see to emphasize the point.

  2. ory

    mike don’t put the blame the woman for this note the person who wrote it the blame should be with this evil government who is instilling this hatred in people just like Hitler and his henchmen did back in the nineteen thirty’s history i’m afraid is repeating it’s self.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Sure – I mention the Tories’ propaganda in the very first paragraph of the article, as you know.

      But they are relying on people like the note-writer to do their malicious work.

  3. joanna

    It is very difficult to obtain a Blue Badge, if this moron did report them he should be reported to the police, assuming hopefully they could attach an appropriate charge.
    Unfortunately it probabaly wouldn’t get a sniff from the police. this world is getting more and more vicious every day, I am wondering if there will be a world left after the Tories are done with it!!!

  4. SkyBluePink

    This is a terribly difficult issue. I know only too well how hard it is for people with invisible disabilities to escape persecution and intimidation. However, like the writer of this note, I resent and deplore the way countless people use the disabled bays in carparks for their own selfish convenience, knowing they are not policed. It is horrible, anti-social and irresponsible and particularly galling to those who find walking terribly difficult or painful but do not qualify for blue badges. Let’s at least remember that the notewriter, while rushing to judgement, getting it wrong and taking law and righteousness into her own uninformed and ignorant hands, was motivated by a desire to protect the help to disabled people, not by selfish personal convenience!

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Let us also remember that the person the note-writer victimised was a Blue Badge holder. That should be enough for anyone to accept that she did have a disability – just one that couldn’t be seen.

  5. NMac

    The Tory propaganda maliciously directed at disabled and handicapped people is having its extremely unpleasant effects. This is how the Nazis began their programmes of hatred towards different sections of society in the early 1930s.

  6. maxwell1957

    Mike, in my experience of being classed as a disabled person, what you report of is nothing new. I am an epileptic ( for 48 out 60 years) and I have experienced being ostracised and even had physical violence done to me.

    All because of a ” hidden disability “.

    Epilepsy is a physical disorder of the brain, a neurological disorder and not a ” mental ” disorder, which a depressingly large number of people seem to think it is.
    The mind and the brain are two entirely separate entities, one physical the other psychic.

    You see, I do not have the kind of ” fit/seizure/episode ” that most folk ” recognize ” as being a ” proper ” epileptic fit “.
    ( I.E. Tonic/clonic or generalized seizures).
    The type where the person loses conciousness, dropping to the floor and shaking.

    The particular type that I have been diagnosed with is known as ” Temporal Lobe Epilepsy “.
    This results in my having ” Simple Partial Seizures ” or ” Focal Onset Seizures” in which I do not lose conciousness ( it certainly alters though ) but rather I stand or sit staring into space, drooling and also picking at my clothes.
    This, in my experience, can last for up to a minute in reality it is probably longer because time acts very strangely in an episode.
    Now, to the casual, uninformed onlooker this behaviour looks like the behaviour of someone who is under the influence of some form or other of intoxicants. Nothing could be further from the truth. I even limit my intake of caffeine because too much of that substance may induce an epileptic episode.

    People are probably not aware that the type of epilepsy that I have described actually exists, nor do they have any awareness that it is occurs in surprisingly large numbers of people.
    All this glorious preamble is just to tell both you and your other readers that the ladies experience is not uncommon and will continue as long as it politically expeditious for the person to behave in such a manner.

  7. Kenneth Billis

    “What a shame that an antisocial element has been allowed to creep in to this attractive area.”

    I think it’s called “gentrification”

  8. jeffrey davies

    oh dear condemned them p pointing at others is roud hasn’t the person writing such dribble learnt anything that listening to tory crap will bring you trouble

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