‘Antisemitism’ accusations are a transparent bid to harm Labour’s chances in the local elections

Claims of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party have only ever been about taking votes away from the socialists.

This Writer is convinced that nobody accusing Jeremy Corbyn seriously believes he harbours any deep-seated loathing of all Jews – as an anti-Semite would.

For one thing – as This Site showed in a previous article – Mr Corbyn has a proven track record of support for Jewish people, against anti-Semitism. Here’s a short video about that:

Here’s more support from a Sky News interview with Shadow Transport Secretary Andy McDonald, who is absolutely correct:

Benjamin Zephaniah defended Mr Corbyn’s record on the BBC’s Question Time:

If Mr Corbyn’s critics really wanted to attack a politician for anti-Semitism, they would be focusing on Theresa May.

The same previous article showed that the Conservatives have a long history of association with anti-Semitism and anti-Semitic groups.

And Mrs May herself made an anti-Semitic comment about every Jewish member of the Labour Party in Prime Minister’s Questions on March 21, when she said there was no place in Labour for those who oppose anti-Semitism. The “self-hating Jew” is an anti-Semitic stereotype, of course. Maybe the Maybot used it inadvertently, but she still used it.

Mrs May’s comment – and wider anti-Semitism in the Conservative Party – continues to be ignored.

Given this evidence it is incongruous that the Jewish Leadership Council and the Board of Deputies of British Jews have targeted Mr Corbyn, especially as the subject of their current ire is his expression of regret for offering support to the creator of an anti-Semitic mural, before he had a chance to recognise its meaning.

“Again and again, Jeremy Corbyn has sided with antisemites rather than Jews,” their letter states, in defiance of the evidence.

But other parts of the letter suggest its authors are being less than honest about their motives.

“At best, this derives from the far left’s obsessive hatred of Zionism, Zionists and Israel,” the letter states – to the shame of its authors.

Opposition to Zionism, and to the actions of the state of Israel, are not examples of anti-Semitism and may not be used as such by anybody.

Even the flawed IHRA definition of anti-Semitism accepts this.

The letter goes on to suggest, again in defiance of the evidence, that the row over the mural – an episode that is six years old, let’s remember, and was only revived because somebody decided to do so for (it seems clear) political reasons – demonstrated that the Labour leader “cannot seriously contemplate antisemitism, because he is so ideologically fixed within a far left worldview that is instinctively hostile to mainstream Jewish communities”.

Firstly, Jeremy Corbyn’s wordview isn’t of the “far left”. Anybody thinking that is divorced from reality. We can discuss the viewpoint from the Overton Window if you like, but nobody with any serious political knowledge would seriously believe Mr Corbyn to be anything more than a centre-leftist.

Secondly – and this should be obvious to anybody with a brain – the worldview of the Left is that everybody should be considered equal, no matter what their sex, race, religion, ethnic origin or any other characteristic with which they were born.

We are left with no alternative but to consider the politics of the authors of the letter – Jonathan Arkush and Jonathan Goldstein.

I don’t know which way they vote, of course.

But we need to ask whether the voters of the UK – not just the Jewish community but everybody – are being manipulated by unscrupulous people with an agenda to discredit the best chance we have of removing the Conservatives from power.

And if so…

Is it not their behaviour that harms the profile of Jewish people in the estimation of right-thinking people across the United Kingdom?

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3 thoughts on “‘Antisemitism’ accusations are a transparent bid to harm Labour’s chances in the local elections

  1. Ultraviolet

    To my mind, one of the most terrible things about these attacks is that they are going to stoke anti-Semitism where none previously existed, and cause real allegations of anti-Semitism to be ignored or treated less seriously. The people making these false allegations need to stop playing with fire.

  2. Roland Laycock

    When all else fail wheel out Antisemitism and after all there are some Labour MP that will jump on the bandwagon like john mann and the attack on Ken Livingstone a first class Labour Party Member, I for one hate what is going on in Israel but if I say any thing I’m antisemitic and every one then say it Zionism that is the problem but if I say its nasty Zionists then I’m anti-semitic I can’t win the easy answer is to say there is NO Jewish part of the Labour Party its just The Labour Party.

  3. Zippi

    I have said this before and I will keep on saying it; we need to do away with this term, “anti-semitism.” Anything that treats one people as a special case, different from all other peoples on Earth, makes them sitting ducks, for one but I am sick and ti-red of hearing about it, like Jews are the only people who get a hard time. Call it racism and be done with it; at least that way, Jews will get the support of other peoples who suffer discrimination simply for existing. by giving them their own special kind of discrimination, they are on their own. I thought that we were trying to unite peoples, not divide them further?
    As for Mr. Corbyn’s part in this, he can’t do right for doing wrong and this stick, for as long as it is allowed to exist, will be used to beat him. There are RACIST people. £et us stand together to defeat them, not each to their own. That way resentment lies. One stick can be snapped but a faggot is far more difficult to break, nigh on impossible! Together, we stand; divided, we fall.

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