‘Nerve agent’ smeared in large quantities on Skripal front door? Then how is Yulia getting better?

The Skripals’ front door: Threat to the public?

The latest intelligence – if you can call it that – about the alleged “nerve agent” used to attack Sergei and Yulia Skripal in Salisbury – is a little confusing.

Here‘s Russia Today:

British police say that the highest concentration of the nerve agent that came in contact with double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia, was detected on the front door of his home in Salisbury.

“At this point in our investigation, we believe the Skripals first came into contact with the nerve agent from their front door,” Deputy Assistant Commissioner Dean Haydon, Senior National Coordinator for Counter Terrorism Policing, said on Wednesday evening.

Haydon said that further police work would concentrate around the neighborhood where the Skripals, who remain in critical condition, live, but he insisted that “risk remains low” for ordinary inhabitants.

Hang on – people were moved out of the area where the Skripals were found, but their neighbours in the area with the highest concentration of the ‘nerve agent’ yet found have been in only low danger? That can’t be right, can it?

Has there been nothing stopping people – like the posties, perhaps – from touching this deadly door?

If not, was it really all that deadly?

And then there’s the following:

Hang on – investigators found large quantities of this alleged ‘nerve agent’ in the restaurant – enough to require the destruction of one table and the deep-cleaning of others – on the bench where the Skripals were found, and in the car.

The logic of what Mr Urban is saying is that there must have been much more on the door.

But he then suggests that this is a highly potent substance, capable of causing serious harm in the minutest form, absorbed very quickly and acting very quickly as well – and that the amounts involved were very small.

After that, he suggests that another place might have “even higher” concentrations of the substance.

It’s the logic of the yo-yo. High concentrations of this stuff have been found in the locations mentioned above, but it’s supposed to be deadly in tiny doses.

Following this logic, far more people should have been harmed – and they weren’t.

And now we learn that Yulia Skripal is recovering rapidly and is off the critical list:

The BBC understands from separate sources that Ms Skripal is conscious and talking.

However Mr Skripal remains in a critical but stable condition, Salisbury District Hospital said.

Doctors said Ms Skripal, “has responded well to treatment but continues to receive expert clinical care 24 hours a day”.

It’s all highly contradictory – if she had been exposed to a nerve agent in the kind of dosage that has been sugggested, then, realistically, Ms Skripal should be dead.

Like the rest of us, I await further information – but with scepticism.

And as for Russia’s involvement…

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18 thoughts on “‘Nerve agent’ smeared in large quantities on Skripal front door? Then how is Yulia getting better?

  1. aunty1960

    Its all rather “vague” nerve agent, what kind of nerve agent, is there no other chemical warfare? I feel I am in a novel without fact

    I suspend everything until we get some facts and if those come from govt or any other govt propaganda I shall remain suspended and creduluous.

    Its all rather tittilating


  2. rotzeichen

    It looks like they have been making it all up as they go along. From the Start an expert claimed that had they been subjected to a nerve agent, there would be irreperable damage and they would surely die, now the daughter is making a remarkable recovery.

  3. Andrew Longworth-Dames

    There is speculation in some quarters that Yulia was the target and not her father.

  4. Nick

    doesn’t sound right mike that a compound was on the door of the house. the police have been outside the house from day one with no ill effects

  5. ronwild

    Has anyone checked the postman? Window cleaner or other visitors to the house?
    Did no one see men?women in NBC suits applying the stuff to his very visible front door?
    I think there is some skulduggery afoot, and it’s from my own government.

  6. John Lincoln

    Some points about the Skripal poisoning –

    No photos of Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in hospital. No council CCTV of them walking between pub, restaurant, car park, feeding ducks or driving in Salisbury. No dead ducks or pigeons. No description of the clothes they were wearing. No Zizzi restaurant or Mill pub witness interviews. No photos of Det Sgt Nick Bailey with Theresa May or Amber Rudd or one showing he is ok now ‘thanks for the public support’. No photos of Theresa May thanking the emergency staff at Salisbury hospital. No Consular Access offered for Yulia Skripal. No relatives or next of kin notified in Russia. No information on the treatment they are receiving. No official information on where Novichok has actually been found ‘it’s all media speculation from a source said’. No explanation why the bench was decontaminated and cleaned the night they collapsed. No explanation why it took so long to warn the public about contamination. No explanation why the police took the wrong shop CCTV footage originally. No explanation why the police are relying on shop CCTV when Salisbury taxpayers forked out £500,000 for new HD CCTV which volunteers haven’t been able to access since the installation. No explanation why it took two days to find Sergei’s car at the council compound even though police were witnessed going to his house an hour after the Skripals collapsed. No police appeal to people who had connections to Sergei Skripal. No explanation why Sergei has a Union Jack flag as a curtain even though ‘a source’ said he wanted to go home. No explanation why Yulia removed all family photos on her social media accounts but has had a photo of Salisbury Cathedral as her cover photo on Facebook for the last six years. No explanation why Theresa May hasn’t waited for an independent evaluation of the evidence. No explanation why this Tory government hasn’t notified the OPCW that Russia has been developing and stockpiling the Novichok nerve agents for the last ten years when it is in all our interests they legally do so.

  7. NMac

    There are serious contradictions in the Government’s story. One day we might learn the truth about this incident. The truth, I suspect, will not reflect well on our dishonest and corrupt politicians who are currently in power.

  8. Roland Laycock

    This as been a setup from the start and as for, It’s preparing to enforce a newly passed law (strange) that will allow the government to confiscate or freeze any Russian capital “of dubious origin” another con the country is a wash will dubious cash its been renowned for it for years.

  9. John

    It’s all highly contradictory and if the nerve agent was that serious why did that police man make a quick recovery it doesn’t make any sense – lets hope the weapons convention protocol can shed some new light on this strange investigation.

  10. Carol Fraser

    Two comments here. One the British Police are feeling their way on this so you can forget logic. As for the source I believe TM jumped the gun with the Russian accusation, but this is maybe supported by 24 countries offering support. All in all the best we, the public, can say is we don’t know.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      I’m not convinced that the support of other countries proves anything at all.

  11. Stu

    The amount of contradictions and wildly varied statements by the Government and media proves to me and many others that this is a “stitch-up” that was poorly engineered to create anti-Russian sentiment.

    Unlike in the past, this “dead cat” will not go away or be swept under the rug.

  12. Brewer

    “Was nerve agent spy poisoned by his breakfast? Police quiz daughter’s friend who brought £1 bag of cereal from Russia as a gift”
    – Daily Mail today.

    I was only joking when I suggested it might be food-poisoning from that dodgy Italian restaurant. Looks like it might come to that yet!!
    How May and the buffoon can justify their categorical accusations amidst this confusion beggars belief. It was in the car vent. Oops, sorry that means a bunch of people who examined the car would have been affected, better back off that one.
    It was on the outside door handle. Hang on a minute, maybe someone else touched it – the postman maybe. Better give that a swerve.
    I know! The inside door handle!! No, that might fall apart if someone else was in the house.
    I’ve got it – it was in the porridge! You’ve got to laugh at this Keystone Cops script.

    Let us have a look at something we do know. In the early 1990s, Skripal was recruited as an agent for MI6 by Pablo Miller. Miller’s MI6 controller under diplomatic cover in Moscow at this time was Christopher Steele. We know they have remained in contact – Miller visits Skripal regularly and works for Orbis (Christopher Steele’s outfit). Smell anything? Steele, of course, was the author of the dodgy dossier that targeted Trump based on his Russian activities. Skripal, who is a bit short of the readies, wanted to go back to Russia – had made application to do so. Getting a whiff? Could it be that what Skripal knows about the dossier could fetch a price in Russia? Certain parties would consider that inconvenient.

  13. Ld Elon

    for ordinary inhabitants.

    It seems they’ve genetically weaponised the virus to effect Russian genetics.
    This actually means war.


    It cannot happen.

    And the Russians have rightly asked who gave the antidote, which must be administered in minutes after exposure.

    They have also rightly asked how the substance was supposedly identified without lab samples.

    And if Britain does have lab samples at Porton Down, they are just as much suspects.

    But we also have highly suggestive evidence that this substance was not even involved.

    The woman doctor who first treated the daughter handled her extensively for a full half hour with no effects.

    And the same for others on the scene treating the father.

    EMR people on the scene suggested that it looked like a Fentynal overdose, something with which they have experience.

    And still no evidence or documents supplied to Russia, who has every right to receive it since the people were Russian citizens.

    Britain also has refused access by Russian consular officials to the daughter, which is the world-accepted protocol.

    The whole matter stinks, just reeks of manipulation and dishonesty.

    And, of course, its timing relates to the extreme anger of America’s establishment over events in Syria, and Syria itself – a dark operation using hired mercenaries posing as jihadis – tells us a great deal about American and British honesty in such matters. Just years of lies while they assist in the killing.

    Readers may enjoy:


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