Israeli Labour Party cuts ties with Corbyn and nobody’s bothered

Israel’s Labour Party has probably done Jeremy Corbyn a favour.

According to Jewish News Online, “The Israeli Labour Party has severed ties with Jeremy Corbyn over his ‘hostility’ towards the Jewish community and ‘anti-Semitic statements’.”

So we know straight away that this is nonsense – right? Jeremy Corbyn was campaigning against racism of all kinds – including anti-Semitism – since before most of us knew what it was.

“Writing to Jeremy Corbyn, Avi Gabbay said: ‘It is my responsibility to acknowledge the hostility that you have shown to the Jewish community and the anti-Semitic statements and actions you have allowed as Leader of the Labour Party UK.

“’This is in addition to your very public hatred of the policies of the Government of the State of Israel, many of which regard the security of our citizens and actions of our soldiers – policies where the opposition and coalition in Israel are aligned.'”

Many of us hold the Israeli state’s policies in very low regard – most obviously referring to the treatment of Palestinians – but that isn’t anti-Semitism. And someone else recently pointed out that, since the whole point of Zionism was to provide a safe homeland for Jewish people, the policies of Israel – necessary or not – represent the failure of that ideal.

I have no idea what Mr Gabbay meant about hostility to the Jewish community.

But I can provide a little insight into Mr Gabbay and his party – courtesy of Asa Winstanley and The Electronic Intifada: “Gabbay is a strong supporter of Israeli violence against Palestinians.

“In October he described illegal Israeli settlements built on stolen Palestinian land in the West Bank as ‘the beautiful and devoted face of Zionism.’

“Gabbay has also vowed that under his leadership, Israel’s government would never include parties representing Palestinian citizens of Israel.”

It seems to This Writer that, if anybody is showing “very public hatred”, it is Avi Gabbay.

Still, he has his supporters in the UK. Take a look at the state of this – from Labour Friends of Israel:


This is what normal people think:

And this:

And this:

But that is not to say that anti-Semitism doesn’t exist and doesn’t need to be fought.

Again, normal people accept that it exists – and we know where:

Real Jew-hating, anti-semites exist in the UK. Our investigation into the online presence of the most active anti-semitic activists on Twitter and Facebook, reveals anti-semites pretty much speak with one voice when it comes to their beliefs and policies.

British antisemites are overwhelmingly right-wing and pro-Brexit, they hate Jeremy Corbyn, Labour and the Left in general, they LOVE Katie Hopkins, Donald Trump, Nigel Farage and the Daily Mail,  – sharing their posts very often – and they also hate Muslims and black people just as much as they hate Jews.

See Pride’s Purge for more details.

Finally, let’s all take a decent dose of perspective, courtesy of the lady in the following clip – a Jewish lady, who lost many family members in the Holocaust, but who supports Jeremy Corbyn and, I think, accurately outlines the reasons for the campaign of hatred against Mr Corbyn, of which Avi Gabbay and his Israeli Labour Party have now become a part:

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10 thoughts on “Israeli Labour Party cuts ties with Corbyn and nobody’s bothered

  1. Zippi

    I am sick of hearing about “anti-Semitism” and am deeply saddened by the the fact that the £abour Party is responding, no kowtowing to it. We should not be singling out any one people. If we are to be inclusive, if we are to united, if we are to fair, we must treat all peoples the same. We have one law regarding racial discrimination and it applies to all of us. Why should one people be given special treatment? This is wrong!

  2. Zippi

    “The appropriation of anti-Semitism will slightly backfire… on Jews…” This is what I have been saying! If we abandon the concept of “anti-Semitism” it cannot be misappropriated, or weaponised! Racism is racism is racism! £et’s deal with that! Our society is becoming ever more divided. If you separate the discriminated and award special status to some, you will have fighting among the various groups and why would anybody want that?

  3. Growing Flame

    I suppose this would have to happen. For years, I held out hope that the Israeli Labour Party could remain a beacon of decency and sanity , to hold firm against the violence and racism of the Israeli state towards the Palestinians. Just as I hoped that the British Labour Party could retain its proud tradition of opposing racism and anti-semitism even in the face of relentless propaganda in the Right-wing tabloids.

    In the case of the British Labour Party, I have seen my hopes realised, with the election of Jeremy Corbyn and the expanding, re vitalised membership. Acknowledging the problem of endemic racism, even in progressive Parties, but committed to overcoming it.

    But the Israeli Labour Party seems to degenerate by the day. The racism and violence towards the Palestinians seems to have overwhelmed it, so that they dare not stand against it, for fear of losing even more votes.

    Once the newly invented state of Israel is regarded as sacrosanct, to be protected against the consequences of its own actions, there is no room for sensible strategies let alone decency and justice for the uprooted Palestinians.

  4. Martin Odoni

    I’m pretty sure that if you asked about 99% of UK Labour members, they’d answer that they were unaware that there even was a Labor Party in Israel, let alone that it might have links to its British counterpart. This is a totally futile gesture on Gabbay’s part, in the silly belief it will help the British Labour right wingers.

  5. realnewslifeandpeople

    Cutting ties with the Israeli Labour Party is not a bad thing really, Being a very racist themselves it’s quite ridiculous that they should accuse Corbyn of antisemitism and acting against the Jewish Community.. This has more to do with Corbyn stance on condemning Israeli soldiers for shooting dead unarmed Palestinians on the Gaza – Israel border.

  6. Pat Sheehan

    Bye, bye Israeli Labour! If we could just keep them all moving along now at this pace it would be a good thing! Maybe even ‘hot’ it up a bit! The ‘pace’ I mean!

  7. Tom White

    Another site that declines to see any anti-semitism in the Labour Party because it isn’t interested in looking. St Jeremy is above suspicion, despite his ‘friends’ in Hamas, his confusion about an obviously anti-semitic mural, his whitewashing internal ‘report’ etc etc etc.

    This sort of crap journalism is classic echo chamber stuff. FTR, I think Israel’s settlements are shameful, and its treatment of the Palestinians appalling, but if you don’t think Labour currently has a problem, then you just don’t want to see it. And just because those on the Right are as bad, or worse, is really neither here nor there. Unless you’re just interested in whataboutery. And that couldn’t *possibly* be the case, right? RIGHT??

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Have you actually bothered to read This Site? I have made it perfectly clear that anti-Semitism does exist in the Labour Party – as it certainly exists in the Conservative Party and in many other large organisations.

      Ah, but I see you have repeated the nonsense about Mr Corbyn having “friends” in Hamas and so on – all false claims. Don’t assume that anybody here is stupid, please.

      Nobody here uses the false argument that anything is justified because someone else is just as bad. Two wrongs don’t make a right – as I have stated on many, many occasions.

      I strongly advise you to go away and do some serious research before trying to post another comment on This Site – or, to be honest, any other site.

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