‘Toxic Theresa’ won’t leave willingly – so here’s how we get rid of her

What we’ve got in 10 Downing Street is a Tory infestation – and it’s bad.

It’s a Theresa May.

She’s a tricky little critter. Once she starts squatting in a seat of power, she’ll cling like a leech.

We won’t shift her with a single strategy.

So it’s a good thing we have several.

The first is simple: Frontal attack.

The Windrush Scandal isn’t going away, and may yet prove to be Mrs May’s downfall.

We all know she is responsible for this abominable attack on citizens of the United Kingdom – and now, thanks to a newspaper run by her former cabinet colleague George Osborne, we all know she is also responsible for denying entry visas into the country for doctors who could have satisfied some of the demand for medical expertise in the National Health Service.

As one Twitter commentator pointed out, this is not an accident – it is a feature of Mrs May’s “hostile environment” policy. She intended it to have this effect.

Not only was she attacking elderly Windrush immigrants and their families; she was also attacking the sick. How perverted.

And she has no shame about it. When asked to comment yesterday, a Downing Street spokesperson refused to deny the factual accuracy of the story.

Not only that, but Mrs May’s role in the Windrush affair, going all the way back to 2010, when she first entered government as Home Secretary, may be revealed to the public in all its sleazy details if a Labour strategy comes to fruition today (May 2).

The main Opposition party plans to use the same procedure it employed to reveal the truth about David Davis’s Brexit impact studies, to force the government to publish all papers and emails it holds that relate to the Windrush scandal in any way.

It’s called a Motion of Return, it will be carried out during an Opposition Day debate, and it puts the Tories in an impossible situation.

Since the general election last June, Conservatives have been told not to vote on Opposition Day motions, leading to Labour victories on several occasions (not least that involving the Brexit studies).

If they follow this policy, the motion will be passed and the government will be compelled to publish papers that could be damning for the prime minister.

But if they don’t – if they turn up to vote against the motion – the result will be just as bad because we’ll all have just one question on our minds:

If this matter is serious enough to justify the Conservatives breaking a convention they worked hard to justify at the end of last year, what does Mrs May have to hide?

At the same time: Backstabbing

We let Mrs May’s fellow Tories remove her.

Joe Murphy, political editor of the Evening Standard, reveals some interesting polling information:

Obviously, he’s writing from a Tory perspective.

The operative part – for us – is the claim that the London results will decide whether enough Tory MPs decide to send the long-awaited letter to the chairman of their backbench 1922 Committee, demanding a change of leader.

Londoners have plenty of reasons to prove the Standard‘s poll wrong: Windrush, Grenfell Tower, cuts to services, racism… the list is enormous.

If they remember those reasons – and act on them – then Conservative MPs will remove Mrs May for us.

This implies: Electoral defeat.

The strongest argument against Mrs May’s continued tenure as prime minister is public opinion.

And there’s nothing wrong with pointing out that Tory candidates – especially this time around – are appallingly bad.

Consider this one:

And this one:

This one:

This one:

And this one:

There are loads of them:

Literally, loads:

Potential Conservative voters everywhere should be reassured of the idiocy of the party’s candidates if they see this:

Here’s some information about the candidate who put out the shameful leaflet above:

Finally, spot the problem with this:

“Three lines of text about what issues/projects/policies you’ve already done or are doing or will be doing in your ward/area”?

That’s what you get when you have to pay people to check your copy; they simply don’t care enough.

Finally: Humour.

Sajid Javid’s ridiculous attempt at “power posing” has been comedy gold – proving that nothing can ruin political chances quite like the power of ridicule.

Consider these fine examples:

If you like them, don’t keep them to yourself. Broadcast them to everyone you think will enjoy them.

These are the ways to unglue Theresa May from office.

Don’t think of it as politics.

It’s pest control.

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5 thoughts on “‘Toxic Theresa’ won’t leave willingly – so here’s how we get rid of her

  1. Damo

    Looking at these tories what is it about tories especially the provincial ones the wannabe ones just so unattractive, devious, and of course the number one requisite of all tories…. Inadequate

  2. Justin

    what we done, well constantly picked on vunerable adults, even bought legal teams to sway tribunals and still lost costing the public purse thousands in money due to incompetent assessment negligence and poor decision makers, example capita channel 4 dispatches, increased self-harm and suicide rates caused by the above as well as vunerable adults going back into the NHS system paid for by NHS not the DWP or DFC as it should be, depriving families with over 7k free school meals and getting there DUP friends to vote for this even though that never affected Northern Ireland who by the way have a 14k threshold, cutting funds for the NHS and then when they realised they had a issue putting money back into it, hardly made a dent and still trusts are being told to cost cut, lack of nurses and gp’s, getting rid of bursaries and why is there a shortage , well there using a load of them to do fitness to work medicals, waste of public money training them when there not really doing the job they been trained for, this money could be better used in the nhs and bring the assessments into the nhs with nhs rules and regulations then you won’t see any consistently bad assessors as they be weeded out and subject to proper disciplinary rules not this half a joke complaints procedure that the governent has,. we could also make capita, atos and maximus the major showcase companies for research after all with the skills of there assessors they found cures for dementia, ways to cure heart problems, in-fact there medical knowledge is so outstanding I am surprised they have not showcased themselves as a excellence research platform and it does make me wonder with there excellence why we spend so much m0oney on research when we have these three shining examples that can cure illnesses without research and just by doing a assessment. we could also reform old government laws to reflect a modern britian, part of that reform should include ministerial and there advisors legal responsibility, working all the way down to departments and civil servants, if that means that they could face legal actions so be it, then we may have a working country and a strong and stable one, so be it, we won’t have minister’s bumbling around making useless decisions backed up by equally useless and inexperienced advisors, summer recess should be a working recess where they go out in the communities in the departments they work in and get there hands dirty, there should be a total reform of expenses, housing, travel allowance the lot, the whole gravy train needs a total look at independently and with recommendations that they have to keep to it, ie 350 million to the nhs don’t lie, oh and get rid of third sector companies running public services for profit, it does not work (CARRILION) Being a good example, there are other’s prison contract etc and yeah on thursday give the tories a free red nose they deserve it along with a plate of egg to eat while they lose there deposits to keep them quiet

  3. NMac

    My coined the phrase “Nasty Party” to describe the Tories of whom she was a senior member. She is nasty and she knows she is nasty, but it’s going to take a lot for her to relinquish the power she has fought, cheated, defrauded and lied, to achieve.

  4. Pat Sheehan

    If Sajid ‘Zebedee’ Javid thinks bringing back ‘silly walks’ is the way forward I think he is in for a rude awakening!

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