Support is growing for mandatory reselection of Labour MPs

This is a step towards ending a corrupt system that makes it practically impossible for constituency Labour parties to remove unsuitable or treacherous MPs as future Parliamentary candidates.

Mandatory reselection has the support of This Site. If you are a Labour member, I hope it has your support too.

The Fire Brigades Union (FBU) unanimously passed a resolution calling for mandatory reselection (MR) – whereby all Labour MPs will need to have their selection reconfirmed before each general election instead receiving an effective ‘free pass’ via the current complicated and easily stacked ‘trigger ballot’ system – at its June annual conference in Brighton this year. The resolution, moved by West Midlands FBU, had the full support of the delegates present.

Source: FBU conference unanimously endorses mandatory reselection | The SKWAWKBOX

3 thoughts on “Support is growing for mandatory reselection of Labour MPs

  1. Jeffrey davies

    Goodbye the greedie ones goodbye the blairites that leave Mps who will listen to their ward

  2. Zippi

    How soon is this likely to take effect? In time for anything useful to happen, or will it be too late?

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