Witch-hunter did NOT impersonate Vox Political writer to shut down donations, crowdfunding site claims

The fake anti-Semitism witch-hunter who contacted JustGiving to have This Writer’s crowdfunding campaign shut down didn’t impersonate me to do so – the site’s correspondence merely gave a misleading impression that it did.

That is the evidence from JustGiving today. The site has now shut down my crowdfunder, meaning that a person who falsely accuses others of anti-Semitism has been able to stop me receiving funds that would have been used to prevent him from making such accusations – at least, on that particular website.

An email from JustGiving stated: “I understand you did not contact us regarding your page, and I apologise if my email is worded in a way that has given this impression.”

The previous email had begun, “Thanks for getting in touch with JustGiving. Your message … has been answered below.” This clearly suggested that I had contacted the site, when I had not.

The upshot of all this is that anyone who donated to the JustGiving page – and received their donation back when the page was closed – is invited to send their money directly to me via the “Donate” button below.

Please remember to tell me you want it to be used for this purpose as the button is intended for general donations to the site and I won’t know where to put it without that direction.

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10 thoughts on “Witch-hunter did NOT impersonate Vox Political writer to shut down donations, crowdfunding site claims

  1. disabledgrandad

    Huh? So how did he get your page shut down the Mike. Sorry that is not clear at all from these stories, I know I am having a bad brain week and struggling but I am totally confused and It honestly feels like you are too?

    I was happy to contribute and funds allowing will again…

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Here’s what I had today (second email) from JustGiving: “While we do employ measures to disallow pages that would break our Guidelines, we also rely on the community to inform us if a page is potentially a cause for concern or breaks these Guidelines. As previously stated, we have received contact from the Crowdfunding community about your page.

      “When a page is brought to our attention, we pass this to our compliance team to be thoroughly reviewed before a final decision is made. In the case of your page, the decision to close and refund was made.”

      So there you go. I went through a lengthy submissions process after checking the terms and conditions, had my page approved, and it ran for nearly a year before someone told JustGiving how to interpret their own rules and they took it down. Simple as that.

      As your donation has been refunded, you should have funds available if you wish to contribute via the “Donate” button.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      No; it turns out it was against JustGiving‘s rules. Nobody had told me in all the time the page had been up and I certainly hadn’t seen it in the terms and conditions, but there you are.

  2. aunty1960

    So you lost all the donations which will have been sent back. Seems you have been stopped and screwed by power higher above.

    Must be powerful as a Israeli Lawyer on twitter said that it was about time EU was taught a lesson who was boss. seems some people can do anything, Like some corporations can go to website hosters and demand websites removed. Ahh the power. maybe we are too naive it would be that simple to get a crowd fund and go to law.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      I lost some of the donations. I had already withdrawn most of them.

      And donors who found their contributions had been returned have been happy to re-contribute via the “Donate” box at the bottom of every Vox Political article. So I haven’t lost anything. In fact, it is likely my legal fund will actually increase as a result of the interference.

      All this person has done is demonstrate his own impotence.

      1. Sandra Harvey

        I donated twice early on in your crowdfunding so I’m fairly certain my donations haven’t been returned to me, and nor do I want them to be. If anything, this latest escapade should make your court case all the more imperative.

        The following link may help you to get to the bottom of what happened.


        It clearly states next to the last bullet point that crowdfunding for legal fees is not allowed. However, that beggars more questions than it solves. How long has this been the case? Before or after you set up your page?

        If before than why on earth did Justgiving allow your page, given their lengthy vetting procedure? Had they been up-front with you from the get-go you could’ve used a different organization. Perhaps the one Alex Salmond used as that site clearly does not object to raising funds for legal fees.

        If after, then how much ‘after’ given your fundraising page has been up for approx a year?

        If this rule was introduced after you’d set up your page then surely Justgiving should’ve contacted you, and others in the same position, warning you that your page must/will be removed. Why didn’t they?

        Quite frankly the whole thing stinks. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if pressure was put on Justgiving to introduce it. Or perhaps the complainant stressed you were a ‘proven’ anti-semite and should be dis-barred on those grounds too, as that would breech Justgiving hate crimes rule?

        good luck with it all…. as if you didn’t have enough to contend with being a carer and all.

      2. John D. Ingleson

        Mike, how would donors know if we got a refund? Would we get an email or have to check PayPal or bank accounts? When exactly did this happen? TIA

      3. Mike Sivier Post author

        I honestly don’t know. It happened the day I wrote the first article about it, which appears to be Thursday.

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