Changes to ‘blue badge’ mean disabled drivers may be fined in EU countries

No longer valid: New versions of the disabled drivers’ ‘blue badge’ have had the EU artwork removed – but users have yet to be told where it will still be accepted.

Disabled drivers using their ‘blue badge’ in foreign countries after Brexit may find themselves hit with a parking fine – because the Tory government hasn’t told them where it is still valid.

The Tory government has changed the layout of the blue badge, removing the EU symbols – but using nine foreign languages to make it appear to be still valid abroad.

But in fact this will vary from country to country.

The details are available in David Hencke’s article (see the link below).

As a disabled person, Mrs Mike has a ‘blue badge’ – but I know that she has not been informed of any changes to its validity in EU countries.

And while it is unlikely that we will go driving in foreign countries any time soon, the government’s failure to notify us of expected changes is an act of extreme bad faith.

It isn’t quite as bad as a lie – but it might as well be.

The Government has sneakily already decided that Britain has left the EU as far as 2.35 million disabled blue badge holders are concerned.

My new card for my wife issued this week has been stripped of its EU symbols even before we have left the EU. It appears to reassure people by using nine foreign languages to describe it as a disabled parking card.

But investigating the real position of disabled driving post a “No Deal” Brexit this is totally misleading and could easily end up with holiday makers being fined in some European countries for illegal parking.

At present as a member of the EU all UK blue badge holders can get concessionary parking in virtually all European countries. If they hire a car they can take the blue badge with them as it is not tied to a particular vehicle.

Once Britain leaves with a No Deal using this card will vary from country to country.

Source: Ministers pre-empt Brexit by changing disabled drivers blue badges putting holidaymakers at risk of parking fines | Westminster Confidential

3 thoughts on “Changes to ‘blue badge’ mean disabled drivers may be fined in EU countries

  1. Jo Owen

    I received my latest blue badge last week and didn’t see anything about this. The booklet was the same as the previous one I received with my last blue badge. However, the fact that I can’t afford to renew my passport or go on holiday means the Tories have saved me from travelling abroad and having a fine, thank you Tories!

  2. wildthing666

    This could be discrimination, just because we leave the EU doesn’t mean the person is discriminated against because even if they get proof from the local council that issued the badge they are trying to make money from people with disabilities. Foreign courts would always discriminate as it’s money for them once we are out of the EU

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