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Matt Hancock: Fanfare the falsehood, then quietly retract it later. Is that the plan?

Tory election tactics 2019:

1. Make a wildly extravagant claim.

2. Wait for it to be disproved.

3. Quietly delete the claim, hoping that more people will have believed it than seen it isn’t true.

This is what Matt Hancock has done.

His original tweet – last week – raised outrage from doctors and health groups who pointed out that the number of qualified doctors has fallen.

The UK Statistics Office intervened after receiving complaints.

Now Mr Hancock has deleted the tweet.

Where’s the public apology and retraction?

According to The Independent, the situation is actually worse than when the Tories pledged to add 5,000 extra doctors, including trainees, to the GP workforce in 2015.

The newspaper has said that the September workforce figures show 5,460 places to be filled – an increase of 460 vacancies.

As far as Mr Hancock is concerned, how much more wrong could he be?

Source: Health Secretary Matt Hancock deletes ‘1,000 more GPs’ claim after statistics watchdog censure | The Independent