Do Tories think disabled people are cannon fodder in the fight against coronavirus?

Will sick/disabled people be denied the care they need if they get coronavirus, simply because the Tories aren’t bothering to ensure it will be available to them?

Can we really say the Tories are taking coronavirus seriously when their chief advice to stop its spread is “Now Wash Your Hands”?

And stopping its spread seems to be the Tories’ only policy – which is strange because contagions like this tend to sidestep such measures with ease.

What can we deduce from this, if not that the Tories’ health system simply isn’t capable of handling the increased care needs of people who are more susceptible to the disease?

In other words: are we to consider people with underlying health conditions, that make them more vulnerable, to be collateral damage in the fight against COVID-19?

Disability Rights UK is seeking evidence that hospitals will be able to cope with the most vulnerable cases – which indicates that no such evidence has been forthcoming.

The other advice currently issuing from the Tories is that people who think they have the disease should isolate themselves.

Wouldn’t that be a route to certain disaster for vulnerable sick and/or disabled people who can’t look after themselves properly under normal circumstances?

Most worrying of all is the fact that the Conservatives cannot be said to have shown proper concern for sick and disabled people in normal circumstances.

Their benefit assessors alone have doctored thousands of applications to deny claimants the money that was due to them – placing their lives in danger by doing so.

And many, many thousands of sick and/or disabled people have died, either through the worsening of their conditions or by taking their own lives, due to the hostile environment that the Tories have made for them.

So it seems reasonable to suggest that the outbreak of coronavirus in the UK may be seen by the Tories as a handy way of culling the millions of “useless eaters”, as the Nazis used to describe disabled people in 1930s Germany.

Do they want to increase coronavirus-related deaths, simply by ignoring the possible effect on people who are sick/disabled?

Source: Coronavirus: ‘Disabled people must not be seen as inevitable cannon fodder’ – Disability News Service

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8 thoughts on “Do Tories think disabled people are cannon fodder in the fight against coronavirus?

  1. Jeffrey Davies

    Druk another charity that was helping gov but has we now a godsend for this lot it help further with their culling of the stock through benefits denial will now leave the sick outside to defend for themselves has hospitals become full up has they won’t b able to stretch any more has of Tory cuts aktion T4 to get worse now

  2. Jo Owen

    It’s funny, I had this exact thought yesterday. I did go onto a conspiracy theory though, what if this was engineered? We have a world that is overpopulated, what better way to cull the population than to create a virus that could be fatal, but only to the elderly and people with underlying health issues. I don’t believe in conspiracy theories generally but I have grown to distrust governments. On a separate issue, how are rough sleepers expected to “self isolate?”

    1. trev

      @ Jo

      It wasn’t manufactured , these sorts of viruses (same as Bird Flu) arise in the far east because of a combination of poor food hygiene and low standards of animal welfare, lack of Regulations or failure to adhere to Regulations. In this country the mistreatment of cattle (feeding them on entirely unsuitable feed containing products from diseased cows – cows are vegetarian!) directly caused Mad Cow Disease. Mistreatment of animals and the conditions in which they are kept is the cause of diseases. The sooner we all become vegetarian or vegan the better.

  3. trev

    Thousands of people in this country are already isolated, through poverty and cuts in care services, mobility etc.

  4. Stu

    Cannon Fodder absolutely.
    Government sites tell you how at risk the elderly and vulnerable are but not a scrap of advice on what to do if you have these conditions – presumeably roll over and die !

    I challenge anyone to find anything relating to COPD and Coronavirus,,,,,

  5. S jones

    I’m sick of people saying it’s not a human invented virus, how do they know? It’s not like the lying government are going to admit it are they?. They have been lying all the way through this, like saying the NHS are well prepared and then the NHS say they are not. Talking to supermarkets to have food delivered to the isolated, and they didn’t. They think because we are sick or disabled we are stupid. Not half as stupid as they would like us to be.

    1. trev

      “I’m sick of people saying it’s not a human invented virus…”

      Invented by whom? The Russians? Al Qaeda? The CIA ? How does that make any sense? It’s a human *caused* virus, arising from the mistreatment of animals being sold for food.

  6. Dez

    The Cons DNA still includes the Nasty Party strain. They and their so called expert advisors have taken the lethal route of slowly drip feeding defensive measures. Meanwhile, in the real world of Italy medical front line, their medicss have issued a valuable lesson to the rest of the world ie stop all gatherings and events immediately to prevent the acceleration of spread and loss of hospital control. So only today Italy flights stopped. Was this because members of media, with the common sense this Government lacks, confessed to being able to walk into this Country without even a simple check and Ryanair were still flogging flights this morning to/from Italy. Are our civil servants and experts a.sleep at the wheel?
    I can sympathise with the comments that this is a covert cull to rid the Cons of hangers on especially old and ill pensioners, unemployed, homeless etc etc would save a lot of costs. We have no extra hospital beds but, plenty of corridors, but where are these sick going to be looked after with what equipment?, with what nurses and doctors? Over the years the Cons have done diddly squat with taxpayers money other than bail out their banker mates and screw the real taxpayers and workers with pretend austerity measures. I truly pity the staff at hospitals who have to make Gods normal decision as to who will live and who will die if in fact we ever get admitted into hospital and not left to die at home when we disclose our age etc. Same Con trick with flooding defence spending Southern Tory areas with flood defences North and Midlands going under for the third time.

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