Big business turned the Atlantic into a big plastic rubbish dump – and your body, too

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Microplastic ocean: thanks to big business, our seas are full of this crap.

Yes, you and I are probably full of microplastics and there is 10 times as much of the stuff in the Atlantic as previously believed.

And that’s only measuring three widely-used types of plastic!

The danger to human beings is extremely worrying; the University of Arizona examined 47 human tissue samples and found microplastics in all of them.

It isn’t yet known whether this stuff is just a nuisance or a danger to life and limb.

My instinct is to believe the worst; no doubt the instinct of the government – and its sponsors in big business – will be to discount it.

Of course, at least 21 million tonnes of this crap in the Atlantic Ocean alone – and the knowledge that it has permeated every part of the world – is terrifying enough.

It will have to go.

The question now is, who’s big enough to do the job?

The big firms that created the problem by selling it to us in the first place?

I doubt it. These layabouts are best described as overgrown babies who never got used to potty training; they make a big mess and expect someone else to come along and clean it up while they’re playing in it.

Trouble is, nobody else has the resources needed. Perhaps they need some encouragement to get involved.

If I wanted to be provocative, I’d suggest scooping a load of that crap out of the ocean and posting it to the worst offenders with a note saying it’s time they learned to wipe up behind themselves.

If you wanted to be provocative, you might give it a go…

Source: Ten times more plastic dumped in Atlantic than previously believed | The Independent

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  1. trev August 19, 2020 at 8:46 am - Reply

    I wonder if rain water contains microplastics too? If so it’s everywhere, on the land, in the fruit & vegetables, in the rivers. But as regards the oceans one thing we can do is stop eating fish at least. But I vaguely recall there being something in the news in recent years about someone having developed an enzyme that would eat the plastic in the sea, haven’t heard anything more about it.

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