Lisa Nandy’s plan to backstab Corbyn means handing a bigger election victory to the Tories

Nandy: speaking before thinking, again?

Nandy should be expelled from the Labour Party for even suggesting this.

She won’t – because Keir Starmer runs a party with one rule book for the rank-and-file members and a completely different one for his privileged elite MPs like Nandy. Doesn’t he?

Here’s another example of Starmerite double-standards:

But let’s get back to Nandy.

She has been doing the media rounds, saying that she would doorknock for any Labour candidate who stands against Jeremy Corbyn in his constituency of Islington North.

She accuses Corbyn of trying to make Labour’s falsified anti-Semitism crisis “all about himself”.*

And she reckons Corbyn should go because he has not apologised for his response to the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s report on anti-Semitism in the Labour Party.**

She misses the operative point though: he has no reason to.

Nothing Corbyn said was wrong; it was entirely in line with the findings of the EHRC.

Here’s a comment on that from the president of a union that is calling on its members to vote on disaffiliating from the party because of false claims made about him by StarmerLabour:

Nandy’s problem is that Corbyn did not kowtow to the propaganda – the lies – put about by her failure of a leader, Keir Starmer. She thinks her side must now make an example of Corbyn, to show what happens when the grassroots (Corbyn supporters) take sides against elites like her and Starmer.

She wants us to accept her model of the Labour Party – with herself, Starmer and the right-whingers in power as an undemocratic aristocracy, forcing their demands on the majority of the party’s population.

But isn’t that exactly the system that Labour was originally founded to oppose?

I’ll give you a clue: Yes it is.

If Nandy is any kind of politician at all – and that is questionable – she isn’t a Labour politician.

According to the Labour rule book, any party member who announces an intention to campaign against a party representative or vote against one who is seeking election is breaking the rules and must face disciplinary procedures that will lead to their expulsion.

Nandy has been making exactly that threat on the national news media. The rule is clear. She should be expelled. The email should already have arrived in her inbox.

But you can bet it hasn’t, because Keir Starmer’s party is more corrupt than the Conservatives.

Worse still is the fact that what Nandy has proposed would cause such outrage among the grassroots, rank-and-file Labour membership, most of whom (even now) joined the party to support Corbyn, that Labour would lose the general election in which she carried out her plan. The Tories would probably get an even larger majority than Boris Johnson achieved in 2019.

She’s just too arrogant to admit it. She thinks Labour’s voters have no choice but to vote for the party, even though everything she does shows that it has been usurped by entryist Tories like her.

But don’t just take my word for it! The backlash has been strong, so judge by the words of these people instead, if you like:

Ultimately, we are left with one clear message:

But what will it take for Nandy, Starmer and their ilk to understand ours? Here it is:

*The facts about this are closer to the view put forward by “Frank Owen’s Legendary Paintbrush”: “Dear @lisanandy, Corbyn didn’t make the “antisemitism crisis” about him. YOU and your fellow plotters did. Why don’t you tell us about the money Sir Trevor Chinn of pro-Israel lobbyists BICOM “donated” to you? Or that he’s also a co-director of your company, Labour Together?

“As for campaigning against Corbyn in Islington North, you should be more worried about your own seat in Wigan. If Corbyn decided to set up a proper socialist party before the next GE, you’d be toast. Left-wing voters take a dim view of corruption, duplicity and treachery.”

**Oh, and Nandy’s claim to be trying to repair Labour’s relationship with “the Jewish community” is a lie. There is no single, monolithic Jewish community and Labour has, in fact, sided with a very narrow group of Zionist Jews who support the government of Israel in its persecution of Palestinians – as directed by the Board of Deputies of British Jews, that was recently outed as an arm of the Israeli Embassy.

As “Frank Owen’s Legendary Paintbrush” states: “That @lisanandy used to be chair of Labour Friends of Palestine [sic] shows how heavily the cards were stacked against @jeremycorbyn .

“Just last week, Nandy claimed the United Nations unfairly singles out Israel.

“Make no mistake, Labour is an anti-Palestine/pro-apartheid party.”

Billy J Wells makes the point clearly: “THE Jewish community? Just one big homogenous group with a hive mentality? That Jewish community?

“There is no the Jewish community, lots of Jewish communities would be more accurate but hey, what about the hurt caused by the Labour Party to Jews who do not conform to the Zionist cause?

“Those Jews who do not support Israel’s genocide of the Palestinian people and dared to speak out for Palestinians?

“What about those left wing Jews who dared support Jeremy Corbyn? Never reported though, those Jews are the wrong type of Jews so no one gives a damn about their pain and hurt.

“Let’s get this in perspective…..there was never a crisis of anti-Semitism until it was weaponised to destroy Jeremy Corbyn. Those who instigated and played their part – they are the ones who caused hurt and not just to British Jews.”

Simon Maginn puts it succinctly:

And Aron Keller adds: “If you care about hurt to minority communities, I’d politely suggest not treating their views as monolithic – thereby denying their basic humanity – so that you can use them to fight your factional wars.”

There’s also this:


16 thoughts on “Lisa Nandy’s plan to backstab Corbyn means handing a bigger election victory to the Tories

  1. SteveH

    Corbyn isn’t currently a Labour MP and If he ever stood as an independent candidate against an official Labour party candidate then he would be automatically be expelled from the Labour party anyway.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Wrong – he’s not in the Parliamentary Labour Party because Keir Starmer is being a baby about it, but he remains a member of the Labour Party and as a member of the Labour Party, if any other member of the Labour Party acts against him, they are breaking party rules.

      1. SteveH

        I suggest that you re-read my comment above
        If Jeremy stands against the official Labour candidate at the next GE then no ifs or buts he will be expelled from the party.

      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        If Labour tries to stand an ‘official’ candidate against Jeremy Corbyn then no ifs or buts, Labour will lose that general election.

        You should re-read my article.

      3. SteveH

        Mike – Are you basing your prediction on the GE19 results when for the first time ever more of the working class voted Conservative than voted for Labour when the most frequent reason given by exLabour voters for not voting Labour was Jeremy Corbyn and polling had consistently indicated that two thirds of voters disliked Corbyn.

        Actually I doubt that this will be an issue because I don’t think JC will stand at the next GE. He’s not getting any younger and why would he risk ending his long political career in rejection when he can safely retire as the wounded hero whose vision for the future was sabotaged.

      4. Mike Sivier Post author

        No, I’m basing it on the fact that people will see StarmerLabour for what it is – a narrow-minded, vindictive machine for persecution, whether it be of individuals like Corbyn or of minorities like Jews.

        I’m interested in your claim that more working-class people voted Conservative than Labour in 2019. Where may I see the evidence to support this, or did you just dream it up, like your claim that Corbyn won’t stand in the next GE?

      5. SteveH

        Mike – I thought I’d made it clear that it is my opinion that Corbyn won’t stand in the GE.
        Here’s the info you requested about the working class vote.

        “Conservatives perform best across all social grades
        The Conservatives comfortably outperformed Labour across all social grades, further evidence that class is no longer a key indicator of how people vote. In fact, the Conservatives actually did better amongst C2DE voters (48%) than they did amongst ABC1 voters (43%). Labour performed the same amongst both social grade groups (33%).

      6. Mike Sivier Post author

        Ah! YouGov. Not exactly a reputable source since it is owned by Tories. Still, thanks for the information.

        As for your opinion – based on what?

      7. Mike Sivier Post author

        Was that so the backstabbing right-wingers who had embedded themselves cuckoo-style in the Labour nest could gauge how likely their attempts to stop Corbyn becoming prime minister were to succeed?

        No, don’t bother trying to answer that. It’s rhetorical. We already know what was going on there.

  2. George Peel

    ‘If Nandy is any kind of politician at all – and that is questionable – she isn’t a Labour politician.’

    Agreed. How Lisa Nandy came to be Shadow Foreign Secretary, in the first place, is something that will puzzle political historians for years.

    Alongside Starmer, she’s another one who seems to be lacking a recognisable political philosophy.

  3. disabledgrandad

    What a contemptible right-wing cult of new Labour 2.0 true believer she is!

    She might consider first it breaches Labour party rules not that they care! Second, her majority is tiny to play these stupid games and how popular Jeremy is and she ISN’T!!!

  4. Peter Hepworth

    Ler’s not forget that Nandy was also one of the rebels who brought us Brexit, and with it the ruin of the country, against the wishes of the great majority of Labour members and voters.

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