Somebody please shut Liz Truss’s mouth before she gets us all bombed

Warmonger Liz: the foreign secretary has been rattling the sabre too loudly at Vladimir Putin when any conflict between the UK and Russia would be like sending this toy tank out to shoot down a nuclear missile.

Q. When a maniac with his finger on the nuclear button is warning that sending weapons to help another country will be an act of war, what do you do?

A. You remove Liz Truss from public view because she will instantly decide that it’s a good idea to dare him.

That’s right – after Vladimir Putin said he would consider it an act of war if western countries send aid to Ukraine, Truss is saying we should provide warplanes.

She’s a lunatic.

The sensible course of action for any national government wishing to help a beleaguered fellow nation is to provide that aid covertly. In fact, the UK has already been accused of this, with Russia alleging an SAS operation has taken place.

But of course, with no proof, any government has what’s known as plausible deniability. We can say any claims are nonsense and we wouldn’t dream of it.

Truss should follow the example of an alleged 56 fellow MPs – on all sides of the House of Commons – who find it extremely easy to hide their alleged sexual misconduct from us all.

1 thought on “Somebody please shut Liz Truss’s mouth before she gets us all bombed

  1. Growing Flame

    Very good point, Mike. In fact, there has been a whole process of recklessly “daring” Russia to do its worst for a long time.
    One section of the western ruling elite was happy to teach the Russian kleptocracy how to be successful capitalists. And they succeeded, with Putin’s permanent Presidency as their high point.
    But the old “Military/Industrial complex” saw their cash bonanza of constant weapons production fading away with the “Peace Dividend” that came from the end of the Cold War.
    So, against wiser advice, the NATO leadership remained committed to a policy of eastward expansion, encouraging more and more ex-Soviet countries to join up in an anti-Russian alliance.
    Eventually, of course, they got round to Ukraine and managed to get Zelensky elected on an anti-Russian oligarch ticket.
    The rest is, now, grim history. The US military moved in, removed the whole of the Ukrainian top military leadership, trained up a new leadership, re-armed them(long before the current massive weapons deliveries) and ,finally, so freaked out an already paranoid Putin, that, fearing worse, the Russians invaded!
    So,yes, Truss could get us bombed by her attitude of “daring” Russia to do more. But she didn’t invent this reckless practice. It has become official western policy!

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