Rishi Sunak labelled ‘incompetent’ and ‘delusional’ by doctors after he said NHS is not in crisis

UK prime minister Rishi Sunak has claimed that the NHS is not in crisis, despite the fact that 12 trusts have declared critical incidents, seven million people are waiting for treatment and patients are suffering life-changing disabilities due to delays in treatment caused by his government’s mismanagement.

It’s no wonder the British Medical Association has declared Sunak “incompetent” and “delusional”.

This is nothing to do with the current nurse/ambulance strikes, by the way – it is the way the National Health Service in England currently operates as a result of Conservative government policy

On ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Dr Hilary Jones described Sunak’s NHS as “Third World medicine”.

He said one hospital had such long waits for admissions that a junior doctor was assigned to “car triage”, meaning he spends his entire shift checking on people waiting outside in their cars.

Another new term being used in Sunak’s NHS is “reverse boarding”: kicking a patient out of a resuscitation/cubicle space in emergency care and placing them in a corridor so a more critical patient can take their place. Dr Jones read out a message stating, “Today we did this so that a patient could die anywhere other than a corridor.”

Another message stated: “Twice this month I have had patients miss the window for thrombosis and/or a thrombectomy, which refers to the use of clot-busting drugs to stop brain damage in someone who’s had a stroke. We’ve missed the window, which is two hours, because they have been sat in an ambulance in our hospital car park for too long.”

Reading the doctor’s message, he continued: “‘That’s two people with life-changing disabilities that could have been prevented… I am heartbroken.'”

He added: “People are saying, for the first time in their careers they are in tears at the end of their shift, and when they return to the next shift the same patients are still waiting to be seen after 24 hours.

“These are just a small sample of what is going on, and for Rishi Sunak and the government to pretend that this is not a crisis, when more than a dozen trusts have announced critical incidents, is not only delusional as the BMA say.

“I would say that at the very best it is ill-informed misjudgement – at the very worst it is total irresponsibility and incompetence.”

See and hear it for yourself:

So why is Sunak pretending there isn’t a crisis?

To save his miserable face.

He’s not going to visit any hospitals to check out the conditions there for himself. He’s not going to talk about the NHS in any statements or interviews. In fact, he’s unlikely to come out of his Downing Street hidey-hole at all. The same goes for the current excuse for a health secretary, Steve Barclay:

This was all anticipated. This is normal… Just ignore the crisis and it will go away. That’s Sunak’s policy, as Maximilien Robespierre states in the video above.

Perhaps you’d like to scroll back up for a moment and remind yourself of what Rishi Sunak considers normal NHS service: patients being triaged in cars outside our hospitals because they can’t get in; others being moved out of beds so that someone else can die in them; still more being left with life-changing disabilities because doctors couldn’t get to them in time.

As Robespierre states: “The priority is the prime minister. The priority is the [Conservative] Party; protect the prime minister and protect the Party.

“This is bad news. It’s a bad look for the prime minister – and he believes that if he ignores it, it will go away.”

He went on to describe Sunak’s attitude as “bunker mentality”.

Sunak would like to claim that any current problems in the NHS are a result of the backlog built up during the Covid-19 pandemic – but Robespierre showed a video clip that proves the government was aware of all the current problems more than four years ago, predating the pandemic.

Sunak’s mentality is more accurately described as one of pushing people towards privatisation; he wants us to believe that a public health service is inadequate by its very nature – and is happy to create a false impression that it must be that way by de-funding it, starving it of resources and staff.

He doesn’t care that many people cannot afford hugely expensive (and often, itself, inadequate) private healthcare. He doesn’t care that people are suffering life-changing harm. He doesn’t care that many people are dying unnecessarily.

That’s just collateral damage on the way to a profitable future for the private health profiteers that he and his party support.

And it will continue as long as members of the public look the other way.

Far too many people are saying they can’t be bothered to vote because politics is “nothing to do with me”.

I wonder why they would still believe that when the political leaders they allowed to rule are deliberately harming them and killing their friends and/or family members.

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8 thoughts on “Rishi Sunak labelled ‘incompetent’ and ‘delusional’ by doctors after he said NHS is not in crisis

  1. Martyn Meacham

    Sunak and his criminally incompetent, tory criminal Cartel all belong in prison foe all their lies, theft, fraud, corruption and social murder!

  2. Hecuba

    Government what government? A government supposedly acts to protect and support it’s citizens not actively deny women, children and men access to free medical care!

    However, the fascist tories have always hated the NHS because how dare us peasants have right of free medical healthcare and instead we are supposed to pay for medical treatment! So after 10 years plus of a fascist tory fake government all their policies of deliberately running down the NHS so it becomes unworkable are finally succeeding.

    Remember the fascist tories closed hospital wards, refused to employ more nurses and other staff at hospitals and now we have 500 + unnecessary deaths each and every week and accountability lies with Sunak and his fascist bros!

    Dr. Adrian Boyle President of Royal College of Emergency Medicine said hospitals could not offer speedy care to the record numbers seeking help amid an upsurge in infections such as flu and Covid because NHS England had not delivered on its pledge to create 7,000 extra beds to help the health service cope this winter. It had provided only 1,742 more by Christmas, Boyle said. The NHS denied the claim, with sources saying the true number was more than 3,000.’

    I know who I believe and that is Dr. Boyle not the fascist NHS lackeys who are parroting fascist tory lies!

    Fascist tories fail to even recognise that preventative medicine has economic benefits because patients will not suffer life threatening disabilities and be supposedly ‘a drain on the welfare system!’ Allowing patients to suffer because of fascist tory greed for profits is criminal but the fascist tories don’t care – Rushi Sunak has his own private medical doctor on call so he will never be forced to wait 12 hours plus for a mythical ambulance to take him to a hospital! His pals all have private medical health care so they too will never suffer unnecessarily!

    Rest in Peace NHS – and now we peasants can expect to suffer unnecessarily because the greedy money grabbing fascist tories don’t care about us. All their focus is on increasing their wealth and we peasants are disposable commodities!

  3. kateuk

    It’s not “incompetence” It’s deliberate mismanagement, they want the NHS to fall apart so that they can sell it off cheap to their mates in the USA “healthcare” business. It’s all part of a long term plan.

  4. James

    ‘Far too many people are saying they can’t be bothered to vote because politics is “nothing to do with me”’ – the justifiable alternative statement is that many people are saying they WILL NOT vote because there is NO-ONE standing in their constituency who is worth voting for! A vote is a positive signal of support. NONE of today’s major parties (and precious few of the alleged independents) merit support. Solution? Standing oneself would be an expensive and forlorn waste of time (and money) given the remoteness of any chance of weaning the brainwashed sector from their preferred fixation.

  5. Stu

    In his pointless speech today I believe he sneaked in that people should get used to the idea of NHS Trusts using Private Companies…..
    “But what it does mean is an NHS where patients are in control with as much choice as possible, where we’re comfortable with the NHS using more independent capacity if that’s what it takes to get patients quicker and better care.”

  6. Stephen Brophy

    retards voted for this to happen, I hope most of the patients suffering are brexit voters! that’s my wish! everybody else has my sympathy.

  7. El Dee

    I have had a small amount of experience in communicating with government ministers (VERY small way) But I did learn a thing or two about senior politicians. They are VERY well advised and really DO know what’s going on. Senior government officials make sure of this. They are presented with a number of options for each situation, again, as per expert ‘non political’ advisors. But, as they are politicians, the thing they care about most (or in fact the ONLY thing they care about) is political longevity and winning the next vote in the house) So they know what’s happening, know what can be done but ultimately don’t care. ‘I’m alright, Jack’ is the motto of your average government minister..

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