The Tory healthcare bait-and-switch: after running down the NHS they suggest A KIND OF health insurance

Tory Brexiteers: what a gang of Con artists!

They told us Brexit would make it possible to properly fund the National Health Service (remember the “£350 million a week” lie?), bring down waiting lists and make it easier for patients to access their GP.

None of that happened.

So now they’re shifting their focus to say that private health insurance is the answer – but even with that, they’re not being honest!

Sir Edward Leigh suggested that private healthcare on lines similar to those in other European countries might help people who have paid for the NHS all their lives avoid standing at the back of a two-year waiting list.

But that’s not value for money if you’ve already paid into the National form of health Insurance all your life, is it?

And European insurance systems are highly regulated – which is something the Tories hate with all their passion.

No – he’s trying a “bait-and-switch” tactic – pretend to offer you Europe-style insurance and then actually sell you United States-style insurance instead.

Consider this:

That American model, shown in the video clip, is terrifying. Thousands of pounds per month for five years, or an unpayable amount, demanded immediately; bankruptcy.

In a UK where the Tories are deliberately pushing wages through the floor, it’s a ridiculous proposition. You won’t be able to afford the kind of health insurance they’re peddling, so it’s pointless for them to offer it to you.

But most of the people who won’t be able to afford it… don’t vote.

They’re the kind of people who say politics doesn’t interest them, or doesn’t affect them.

Imagine how they’re going to feel after they let the NHS be sold out from under them, then have an accident or a life-changing illness hits them… and they’re presented with the bill.

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  1. Steffi Thompson January 12, 2023 at 10:39 am - Reply

    and most health insurance doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions

  2. stainglass44 January 12, 2023 at 12:47 pm - Reply

    Private cover for me is and people over 50 The basic cover is £220 per month you have to sign up to this before you can read the small print in the small print it says that the basic cover does not cover PRE-EXISTING MEDICAL ISSUES ‘I have 4 back operation in the NHS Royall National Orthopaedic Hospital at Stanmore Middlesex which is called The Centre of Excellence for the entire country The best hospital in the country ,a friend is a consultant there and told me that they have the best surgeons. I also had a new hip at the same hospital . I could not have had better treatment The hospital is very old and was used during the war by the USA troops and needs updating The Labour party’s plan was to rebuild it and the cost was going to be £360,million .as soon as the Tory’s came to power the build a new hospital on the old car pad coasting £90 Million I have never been in it and other NHS patient I know has either. HHS patient still have to go into the ancient hut’s shat spread down a hill ,when you are taken to be operated on the porters and you nurse have to attach your bed to a machine to stop it running down the hill there is no other way to get to the operating theatre . I had 4 back operation there and after the 4th operation I went to see my surgeon with my wife and in the room were 3 junior medical students . One last comment Princess Hygiene the grand daughter of the late Queen had back operations there , I can’t stop wondering what she thought of this ancient Hospital with it world class surgeons I also had 4 back operations at this hospital after the 4th operation I went to see my surgeon with my wife and in the room were 3 junior medical students This is what my surgeon said to me. I am sorry that the operation has not been a susses so I want to operate on your back for a 5th time ,sadly I will have to apply for the money to operate form ”THEOS JOKERS IN N010 FOR THE MONEY ” and I do not expect them to give it to me. He then turned to his 3 students and said This is what is coming to you 3 very soon. Two weeks later he left the hospital after very many years as one of the top surgeons there

  3. rotzeichen January 12, 2023 at 4:43 pm - Reply

    The Brexit issue here is a red herring, in Germany for example, you pay into an insurance company for social care including health, that health cover is not totally comprehensive, in that hospital care is limited to six weeks stay in hospital, after that you take out a mortgage agreement that means open ended costs that will need to be paid back into the future. What he says about the American system of course is absolutely true and the TWO re-organisations by the Tories are designed along American HMO (Hospital Maintenance Organistions) lines, which private insurance is the last phase of the re-organisation plans. In 1977 A report was created for Nicholas Ridley, one of Thatcher’s ministers which described how they would denationalise Britain, BY STEALTH, which was later introduced by Thatcher’s 1982 secret cabinet papers, called the longer term options, released under the 30 year rule in 2012.

    So its not difficult to see how with a complicit mass media, this treacherous government has transformed our NHS into a privatised organisation, underfunded to create the conditions for people to accept the final stage which is private insurance. People should listen when Tories are telling them what they have been planning over decades.

    Before the Tories interfered in our NHS it was the most efficient, most comprehensive, and available to all free at the point of use, as well as officially recognised as the best health service in the world. The Tories have now created a third world NHS purely for profit.

    The lie that we can’t afford our NHS and public services has been the excuse millions have been hoodwinked into accepting for privatisation. We should ask ourselves, how did a post war Labour Government create nationalised industries, the NHS and social benefits with a National debt after the war of 240% of GDP, where today it stands at only 103% of GDP whilst in the meantime raising living standards of living by 71% for people as a whole? Noting that before the financial crash of 2008, the national debt stood at 34% of GDP and Austerity measures increased that to today’s figure of 103% of GDP. Where people forget Keynes proved that you can’t get out of a recession by cutting public expenditure, and you spend into a recession. Hence post war Labour’s improvement of 71%.

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