Israel ‘reprimands’ Belgium after minister condemns destruction of Palestine villages

The Israeli government summoned Belgium’s ambassador for “reprimand and to provide explanations” after Minister for International Development Caroline Gennez said Palestinian villages are being “wiped off the map”.

She also said that periods of Israeli violence against Palestinians are shorter than in the past – but more frequent and intense, meaning the population no longer has “room to catch its breath”:

We all know what’s going on between Israel and Palestine; the cuckoo country is slowly destroying the neighbour whose land it desires – and is close, now, to finally achieving that goal.

It’s astonishing that Israeli politicians feel they can reprimand ambassadors of countries whose politicians voice the facts about it.

Belgium should be praised for standing up to the Israeli bullies – particularly the people of Liege who have severed ties with Israel over its abuse of Palestinians.

What a shame the UK government stands squarely behind Israel’s slow genocide of Palestine – and has passed into law measures to penalise our citizens who protest against it in any meaningful way.

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