How will Rishi Sunak force disabled people to work if he's axed the scheme for it?

‘Flurry’ of no confidence letters in Rishi Sunak submitted, Tories say

Rishi Sunak: he might not get the chance to seek the public’s approval in a general election, meaning he’ll always be remembered as an unelected, third-choice prime minister.

Yahoo News is reporting that Tory MPs are submitting a “flurry” of “no confidence” letters in the leadership of Rishi Sunak as the party tries to weather a series of broadside blows:

A “FLURRY” of no confidence letters in Rishi Sunak have reportedly been submitted to the chairman of the Tory backbench 1922 committee.

The lack of a vote-winning policy in the Spring Budget is thought to have angered a number of MPs and Tory sources have told the i Paper this has caused some to submit letters in the last few days.

Sunak has come under pressure this week to return more than £10 million of donations from businessman Frank Hester who is reported to have said that looking at Diane Abbott, Britain’s first black female MP, made “you just want to hate all black women”.

Downing Street has finally called the comments “racist and wrong” after initially refusing to do so.

Sunak has also been dealing with the defection of Lee Anderson to Reform UK, something which has riled the right of the party.

There is no knowing how many letters have actually been sent but if a threshold of 53 – 15% of Tory MPs – was reached, [Graham] Brady would have to make an announcement.

Source: ‘Flurry’ of no confidence letters in Rishi Sunak submitted, Tories say


  1. The Toffee March 18, 2024 at 1:08 pm - Reply

    Another PM on the cards…Another cabinet reshuffle…And another opportunity for these worse-than-useless cretins to inflate their ministerial pension pots before they’re turfed out – Only to be replaced by more of the same from the starmer crowd.

    Plus ca change…

  2. El Dee March 18, 2024 at 7:38 pm - Reply

    The GE is unwinnable for the Tories (it’s up to Starmer to actively lose it – and he’s doing his best) So why even bother with a letter of no confidence? If they change a leader just in time for a GE it’s not likely to have any positive effect on voting.

    I regard Sunak as being on the right of the party and generally supportive of their more racist policies. (which has facilitated racism further as they [the party] can point at Sunak’s skin color as a ‘get out of racist jail card’) Sunak, to his shame, has done less than nothing to address racism in the party and done the knowingly to gain support. He’s done this in the same way and for the same reason Thatcher set back women’s rights when she became PM.

    In reality they know they’re going to be out of office for quite some time – so why the fuss? Are there laws they want to push through at the VERY last minute?

    Having said all of that I worked for (at a low level) numerous politicians and found that their thinking is short term, blinkered and self interested. So from that I conclude that they aren’t taking a practical approach because they simply don’t think that far ahead..

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