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McKinsey is part of the unholy coven – that includes Unum and Atos – of insurance firms and their representatives that seek to advise governments on health policies, and social security policies for those who need benefits because of sickness or disability, without any of their employees ever having taken the hippocratic oath. The “opportunities” outlined in the report and detailed in this article amount to the theft of money from people at the time in their lives when they need it most, and the theft of the founding principle of the NHS – that healthcare should be free for all at the point of use – from an entire nation.
The trouble is, Labour have been, and – as far as I’m aware – remain, as much in the pockets of McKinsey, Unum and Atos as the Tories. “There will never be democracy … when big business can buy both parties and expect a pay-off, whichever one wins.” It’s now a matter of urgency that the Labour leadership must reject these companies, their representatives and their recommendations, and form new policies for healthcare and social security, based on medical evidence and the needs of the patient, rather than the profits of big business.

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