Here’s an excellent breakdown of why Iain Duncan Smith should never be allowed to even voice opinions on social security benefits in the UK, let alone formulate government policy on the subject. While Vox Political has covered some of the same ground in the past, this article brings what we know of this man’s hypocrisies together to make an excellent argument against him. Please read and share it.

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    1. Jj

      I’d say that was an insult to rodents everywhere actually.
      I wouldn’t even tarnish the name of faeces by likening it to Duncan Smith. At least waste can be used as fertiliser. IDS can only ever be used as a bad example.

  1. Sue Paraszczuk

    Given his history I suspect IDS really has no concrete idea of the real cost of living today. As my mother used to say ‘he doesn’t know he’s born’. After reading this informative post I’m left wondering yet again where these feather-bedded Tories get their idea of ‘fairness’ from.Yes, there are people living in overcrowded conditions who need bigger affordable accommodation. But surely the answer to that is to build more social housing not to force others from their homes and thus substituting one problem for another.As usual the Tories are claiming that ‘market forces’ will sort things out and no matter what we say they’ll sit back and do nothing positive to force the filthy rich to pay their fair share into a system that gives them countless benefits.
    I’m not sure that the Labour party have fully recovered their socialist principles post Tony Blair’s vile neo-liberal influence either. As for the wimpy LibDems…well.
    I’m now thinking we need a new politics in this country, a people’s party or whatever. The name doesn’t matter. What matters is getting our money back and making a decent life possible for everyone.

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