Urgent help request re DWP fake test

Here’s a request regarding the bogus DWP psych test that exercised all of us so vigorously last week. Many of you may have already done as requested here; I’d like to think many more will be willing to help, also. It is important to fight scams wherever we find them – especially when they are perpetrated on us by the government!

5 thoughts on “Urgent help request re DWP fake test

  1. Ghost Whistler

    I just heard about this. I took the test twice answering all questions with choice 1 fo the first time, then choice 6 the second time. Both results were exactly the same. This is obvious bollocks; even if the result was valid it still reads like something written by Jonathan Cainer. Completely sinister money wasting bollocks.

  2. blissfliss

    thanks Mike yes its great to know you have had an effect, If we all band together, as we are then their nonsense will be in the public domaine and the individuals in the government will be Shamed.. Loss of face Public shaming very powerful weapon in our armory.

  3. Josephine jones

    Fake test, they still have quoters, and use it, this whole thing is a con cruel, vindictive, praying on the sick and disabled, you look on humans as inhuman, if they have a disability, when will you learn, we don’t choose to be disabled, to struggle each and everyday, we have no choice, but you seem to think we choose to be this way, please see the disabled, as they truly are,no matter if its physicle, or mentally, WE DON’T CHOOSE WAY OF LIFE

  4. Gen William Taggart

    The test is not the purpose, ‘the questions’ are, basically if you repeat the details of a chosen subject or direction you wish to push the chosen subject towards, then we retain that information in such a manner that it influences our decision making processes. This is increased ten fold into long term memory if the subject has to complete certain thought processes such as answering questions.

    All I can say is cheeky bastards, I devised this technique in the Early 1980’s as part of what I later called Social Engineering. Kevin Mitnick made quite a bit of money out of it as well.

    Just because it is now under a creative commons license, it does not allow Government bodies/Think Tanks to use my copyright material without my express authority.

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