Unbelievable govt comment on Foodbanks

Foodbanks have interested me for many months, now. As a Citizens Advice representative, I shall be attending a meeting of voluntary organisations to discuss food banks here in Powys early next month, and I have had discussions with organisations in my town about setting one up. This is because disastrous government policies have made them necessary, even if only as a precaution.
The government’s own attitude to food banks continues to defy belief and is summarised excellently in this article on the Skwawkbox blog.

3 thoughts on “Unbelievable govt comment on Foodbanks

  1. Thomas M

    Foodbanks are what is keeping riots & large scale food stealing away from this government. It just takes a week without food for large scale unrest.

  2. guy fawkes

    Clement Atlee would turn in his grave to think that his implementation of the “welfare State” has been reduced to people suffering the 5 pillars of evil again at the hands of evil doers.

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