6 thoughts on “Lodgers to cost HB £3.4 billion per year more and get rid of the bedroom tax? Yes!

  1. edward melville

    you now have made this aware to the tories and would make changes…but very clever

  2. Clutter

    Single parents will have to get their landlord’s permission and will lose their council tax discount. Other than that, it looks good.

  3. molly

    My friend was hit by the bedroom tax so she thought taking a lodger in would help her to keep her home that she has lived in for 20 years.

    She had a lot of interest and decided on a well presented business man with excellent references. He had stayed in her home for over a month and she was singing his praises about how helpful he was around the house.

    However one night he came home drunk and raped her violently three times resulting in breaking both her wrists, arms and ribs. The police were called and she was made to feel so stupid by them for taking in a complete stranger into her home when they asked her if she had ever heard of the term stranger danger !!

    This incident would never have happened if the bedroom tax had not been introduced. I cannot see Freud etc taking in strangers to live in their spare rooms as they value themselves far more than they value people reliant on benefits. It is a shocking state of condem values that are destroying peoples lives on a daily basis now. How many more victims will these draconian policies produce? Voters for the condems should hold their heads in shame.

  4. julia moore

    There are NOT enough smaller properties, larger houses now lying empty and people refusing to take them. Private rents are higher, and hard to find cos most Landlords state “no DSS”, and letting agents refusing to let a property cos you failed the credit check!

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