“The mess we inherited” – some facts with which to fight the Tory Big Lies

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  1. Jon August 20, 2013 at 9:02 am - Reply

    Yes OK – but how is it that none of these so called LSE experts admit the blindingly obvious – that the system of money backed by nothing, printed out thin air and loaned into existence with the noose of compound interest is completely the problem.

    It may have taken decades, but the debt is now so big we are borrowing money just to pay the interest.

    Why do none of these experts ever address the problem – the system is the problem and we need an alternative.

    Let me tell you why – because it serves the minority very well – and they will do whatever it takes to reboot the system and start it all over again rather than look at alternatives which would be better for the majority.

    Most of these “experts” at the LSE have tunnel vision – they cannot see to the sides or widen their perspectives outside of what they were taught – probably at the LSE itself!

    No political party will ever get us out of this mess as they too suffer from the same sort of illness.

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