Benefit Sanctions Are State Terrorism And Must Be Stopped Without Exceptions

Johnny Void calls for an end to benefit sanctions and the prosecution of the ministers who have inflicted them – often unnecessarily – on people, as “economic terrorists”. This is a position with which we should sympathise. For the amount of fraud in the UK, this behaviour is entirely disproportionate and dehumanising, not just to claimants but to DWP staff. I have been saying on Vox Political, for many months, that the system needs to be dismantled completely, and a new one put together with claimant care as its centre. At the moment, the aim is to make claiming benefits either impossible or the least palatable option, in order to persuade people to buy insurance policies against job losses. These policies are sold by the Unum Corporation which, by no coincidence at all, is also the private business that has been advising the DWP for all these years.

5 thoughts on “Benefit Sanctions Are State Terrorism And Must Be Stopped Without Exceptions

  1. michelle tait

    well I am doing what my Goverment want me to do I am disabled with both mental and physical disabilities and I work yet I am being penalised in my job for my disabilities I have been on 3 years of warnings for my sick and told there is no support they can give me to stay in my job its all down to me now. Yet despite my illnesses getting worse I am trying my damn hardest to stay in work despite all the knock backs as I know if I lose my job and sign on I will be told I’m fit for work. Something needs to be done as its the genuine people who are being penalised not the fraudsters who know how to play the system. people claiming sickness benefits should still be paid during the assessment phase. they will got to sign on JSA and be told they are to sick so end up with no money and if they do sign on I guess that will also go against the

  2. Joe Smith

    Fascism at its absolute very best. There’s an election coming up and at the very least we need rid of the following, D Cameron. Ian Duncan Smith. Clegg. Osbourne. The idiot lord who thinks everything outside the M25 is a wasteland. G Shapps. Atos. Nicola Sturgeon. Jeremy hunt. There are lots more add there names to your own list. Name and shame. Rid means not just out of well paid jobs, free meals, gold plated pensions, expenses. But gone out of politics completely, not working for charities, writing books, working as lobbyists, advisers, peace consultants etc etc but GONE exiled away never to be seen or heard of ever again. But, made to sign on weekly.

  3. Charles Loft

    Unfortunately unscrupulous employers often use ‘misconduct’ as a deliberate ploy to dismiss people, leaving any earnings insurance as worse than useless. I paid a considerable sum over the years to try to protect my family but when the employer deliberately invoked ‘misconduct’ as part and parcel of the dismissal process, it invalidated the earning insurance.and PPI. Be warned some employers are totally, as in totally unscrupulous.

  4. Chippy Smallbone

    The bit I find hardest to swallow is during the assessment and/or appeal period you do not receive your E.S.A and the only way for you to get any money is to sign on the job seekers part but the second you do your appeal is lost as you have just signed a legal document stating you’r fit and able to work and actively looking for work and they now have you by the balls and can squeeze as hard as they like

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