This is a hopelessly optimistic appraisal of DWP policy. The truth is more likely to be that, to use the example quoted, people with severe learning difficulties will be told to ‘pull their socks up’ pronto, and then lose their benefits altogether after a very short period in which they’ll be expected to do so – despite the fact that there is no possibility of their situation ever improving in that respect.

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  2. ettyg

    Does this tie in with the current rumours that the disabled will be ‘urged’ by JCPs to participate in treatment programmes deemed effective by civil servants, or loose their benefits? What a terrifying prospect.

    As a sufferer who was desperate to be well enough to work, I had the help and support of my GP, and CBT therapist, a psychiatrist and Rethink at one point. I trusted all these people, whom I choose to have dealings with, but I still suffer the same problems and am still unable to work.

    I really wonder what the pressure of the DWP taking a vested interest in removing my obstacles would have done for my mental health.

    Good to know that though that the DWP feel they have the confidence to assess and treat all us scroungers, or will they be using their friends at ATOS for this new miraculous work

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