More ‘sick’ propaganda via BBC hereby corrected….


We should all be grateful to Nick from iLegal for his work debunking the factually-inaccurate DWP press release, reported widely in the BBC and other press outlets yesterday (Saturday). Vox Political led the backlash against it.

Nick goes into the figures and digs out the facts that the BBC (and the others) haven’t told you. He writes:

“For some extraordinary reason the DWP and media have an almost obsession with ‘new claims’ for the dreaded Employment & Support Allowance.  On nearly every statistical release the accent is principally on new claims and it’s not hard to understand why; they invariably provide the public with more sensationalist headlines over ‘millions being found fit for work or ‘closing their claims without an assessment’ (by the awful Atos ‘Healthcare’ who conduct the controversial examinations under £100 million contracts with the DWP).

“In excess of 2.3 million claimants incapacity benefit claimants being tested under the much stricter ‘Employment & Support Allowance’ regime and those who are ‘examined’ on a second, third or even fourth occasion are being completely left out of the figures.

“Had the BBC fully reported the facts, they would have had to report that in the six months between October 2012 and May 2013 an average of 83% of 1,078,200 incapacity claimants were passing their assessments and 88% of the 1,332,300 repeatedly assessed were re-qualifying for the allowance.”

For the rest, skip across to the iLegal site where Nick will lay it all out for you.

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26 thoughts on “More ‘sick’ propaganda via BBC hereby corrected….

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  2. Colin M. Taylor

    I found myself wondering why the BBC, once renowned for the impartiality of its reporting , should have suddenly become part of the Government’s Propaganda machine. Then it hit me: the BBC’s charter is due for review in 2016…

      1. Big Bill

        They’re obviously doing all they can while they can to help the Tories get in. On a promise, maybe?

  3. Doublespeak

    It’s sad but they can get away with it as it only said ‘found fit for work’ not ‘found work’

  4. clouty

    Maybe the Beeb are hedging their bets, and feel that the Tories are more likely to be vindictive?

    I wish Nick had someone to summarise his arguments – or am I just thick…

  5. Tommaz

    Yes its 2014 and open season again on anyone who deviates from the Tory norm of back stabing greedy adulterous devious narcissistic individual’s, whom seem to heard together at the Westminster Palace of broken promises. They sqeel like the rats thay are at PMQ, s feasting of the carcasses of the true warrior s who gave their own lives rather than suffer the total degradation meted out by their DWP henchmen.

    Tommaz Jay

    If you tolerate this you will be next

  6. Barry Davies

    Its impartiality is a myth take the propaganda it has spread and continues to spread regarding mid staffs, which is now one of the highest ranked hospitals in the country, but the scandal hit bbc still refers to it as scandal hit. The figures which were proven to be wrong regarding deaths are still quoted as truth, and the drinking from vases which hadn’t been on the wards for years fabrication continues, with reporting like this why should we believe nothing the bbc news team tell us?

  7. Graham

    Does anyone know if it would be possible to not pay or to get a refund from the BBC for the licence fee, perhaps based upon they are no longer an independent broadcaster, or because they lean heavily towards supporting the ConDems then our Licence fees are being used to support a Propaganda wing of the Government.

    1. Barry Davies

      You could try not paying but I know that someone who claimed they only watched DVD’s on the television in their house were prosecuted even though there was no sign of an aerial.

    2. jaypot2012

      I haven’t had a tv licence for 6 years – I don’t watch tv or listen to the radio. I use my television set to watch dvd’s and downloads and I declare this every two years online at the TV licence site.
      If you only use your tv for dvds, downloads, music downloads, games and Iplayers then you do NOT have to pay a licence.
      When you declare it you have to state that you do not have any equipment whereby you can receive live tv and that you are using it for non-licence activities. You may get a visit to check but other than that, they just send you an email or a letter, to tell you that they will not bother you again for another 2 years.
      More and more people are stopping watching tv as all the channels are for the government – especially the BBConservatives! There is nothing but rubbish on and it you really want to watch something you can see it on iPlayer, or use your computer as your tv.

  8. jeffrey davies

    yet daily the bbc puts out tory propaganda and nothings done labour don’t show they care has if nick can showthese figure stack up then labour can get the real ones but on this sorry saga goes with more dying each day and denied benefits for whot greed but theres 99percent of uswho are poor to their 1percent but it is they who get bragging rights on our nations tv well whot about the99percent holding back back their money hasour mps don’t pay it jeff3

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  10. scobby doo

    19/12/13 DIRECTION NOTICE….. dear MR xxxxx (1) you have appealed against DWP’S decision that JSA should not be paid to because of an alleged failure to participate in one of their back to work schemes, (2) the issues raised by your appeal are likely to be affected by the outcome of a test case that is currently going through the courts. the name of the test case is Reilly and wilson vrs the seretary of state for work and pensions. the case has received wide media coverage . (3) DWP as exercised it’s power to serve a notice on the tribunal requiring that no action should be taken on your appeal until the outcome of the test case! is known! that power is contained in 26 social security act 1998. (4) the tribunal is bound to comply with that notice. consequently, your appeal will be stayed (that is frozen) untill the outcome of the (test case) we will contact you again at that point! (5) you have the right to ask the tribunal to reconsider this decision but it is fair to point out that ,essentially
    , you would have to persuade the tribunal that your appeal falls outside the scop of the test case. you may wish to consult an advice worker first. WHAT THE FXXX is this all about any one shed any light ??

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