MPs Claim £70K a DAY in Expenses

The hypocrisy of the Westminster bubble was on full show today as IPSA, the body which oversees Parliamentary ethics at Westminster, released data showing that between October and November 2013, MPs made over 3,300 claims for expenses totalling £4.5 million.

This data covered 61 days and showed:
•On average, 541 claims made DAILY
•Each Claim was, on average, £135
•£73,300 claimed in expenses DAILY

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11 thoughts on “MPs Claim £70K a DAY in Expenses

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  4. Frank.The.Tank

    Now who is it that we are led believe are the benefit scroungers and who is it in reality?

  5. The Swans New Party

    Would we care less about MPs’ expenses, if they were not taxing the squeezed middle income to death and giving them wage freezes/cuts (nurses one example, of women losing out on taxes and tax credits). If the working poor, disabled/sick, pensioners, women pensioners short of a pension at 60 and half 60-66 years within the working poor, and all the sanctioned / lost benefits with no other income of those going to food banks, that the EU would fund to be daily soup kitchens as in the rest of Europe. Hungry one day, hungry every day. Meanwhile all politicians deny we are starving because of them.

  6. jeffrey davies

    ah that austerity it seems we are the only ones taking part they have their own agenda and its not austerity jeff3

  7. jaypot2012

    There was never a need for austerity – the other name for it is stealing! Only the unelected coalition decided that stealing was needed so they went after the poor, disabled and long term sick, as well as the unemployed unless they were compliant in doing slave labour. Then they started stealing from the middle classes even though they had voted for them as they to are just slaves but need a little payment with an odd rise now and again. Watch for the next hand out just after the budget!
    The coalition have done their job and have had no real opposition to shake them and shout at them and make them feel guilty.
    The people of the country just sat back and let these things happen because they could only think of themselves instead of the bigger picture. People accept that they will be made redundant so that the forced unpaid labour will have jobs to go to – and the companies who take them even get paid for taking them on!
    We’ve let the government get away with the austerity (stealing), we’ve let them get away with murder and they should be held accountable – but they won’t because they know we won’t do anything.
    The unelected coalition government have won!

    1. Mike Sivier

      I reckon there’ll be a handout IN the budget.
      I disagree with you about the Opposition. Labour has done its level best to hold the Coalition to account but the right-wing media have downplayed that to the point where even people like yourself, who keep an eye on these things, accept it when you’re told there’s no fight in them.
      I agree with you about the people of this country – or rather, most of them. It’s either too much trouble for them, or they don’t see how action will benefit them.

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