Conservatism in a nutshell – Kitty S Jones

Some of you seem to be a little politically confused of late. Commenters – especially from north of the border – have been attacking the Labour Party as though it is the cause of all their ills. Thank goodness for Kitty S Jones, then, who weighs in today with a reminder of exactly who is the real enemy. Let’s hand this article over to her:

It’s not enough to defeat Tory ideology. We also have to defeat the “drum beat”. We have to defeat the propaganda machine that brainwashes people with their slogans and catch-phrases. You’ve heard those slogans -“less government”, “personal responsibility”, “hard-working families” “making work pay”and lots of flag waving. These are shorthand for an entire world-view. But ever such a shabby, ruthless and paltry one.

A clue is in the name: The word “Tory” derives from the Middle Irish word tóraidhe, which means  outlaw, robber or brigand, from the Irish word tóir, meaning “pursuit”, since outlaws were “pursued men”. It was originally used to refer to an Irish outlaw and later applied to Confederates or Royalists in arms. The term was thus originally a term of abuse. The Tories live by plunder. They steal your taxes, your public services, your state provision and your labour, in order to raise more money for the rich.

It’s a world of corporate feudalism, and I heard some smart person  from the States once sum up the Tories neatly with the phrase “cheap-labour conservatism”. How very apt. It fits so well.

Basically, the larger the labour supply, the cheaper it is. The more desperately you need a job, the less you tend to demand for your wages, and the more power those big business Tory buddies have over you. This is what the Tories actually mean by “making work pay” – it’s either rationed out peanuts or starvation.

The Tories engineer this socio-economic situation every time they are in office. Think back to Thatcher, she did it, Major did it – it’s a manufactured recession and a large reserve army of cheap labour every time. ALWAYS the same with the Tories. Because it suits their “business friendly”agenda.

Conservatives don’t like social spending or welfare – our safety net . That’s because when you’re unemployed and desperate, companies can pay you whatever they feel like – which is inevitably next to nothing. You see, the Tories want you in a position to work for next to nothing or starve, so their business buddies can focus on feeding their profits, which is their only priority . Cheap-labour conservatives don’t like the minimum wage, or other improvements in wages and working conditions.These policies undo all of their efforts to keep you desperate. The don’t like European Union labour laws and directives either, for the same reason.

Cheap-labour conservatives don’t like unions. Because when we unite and organise, wages go up. Working conditions improve. That’s why workers unionise.

Seems workers don’t like being desperate. But businesses don’t like to pay out money. They like to hoard it.

Cheap-labour conservatives constantly bray about “morality”, “virtue”, “respect for authority”, “hard work” and other such vaguely defined values. This is only so that they can blame you for being desperate due to your own “immorality”, lack of “values” and “poor choices”.

Cheap-labour conservatives encourage racism, misogyny, homophobia and other forms of bigotry. That’s because bigotry among wage earners distracts them, and keeps them from recognising their common interests as wage earners. Divide and rule.

An ugly truth is that cheap-labour conservatives don’t like working people. They don’t like working class opportunities and prosperity, and the reason for this is very simple. Lords have a harder time kicking us around when we aren’t desperate.

There’s more – and you should read it. Visit the Kitty S Jones blog site for the whole article.

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  1. stephentamblin September 26, 2014 at 5:35 pm - Reply

    This government have done absolutely nothing for me and other poor people in this country I have been diagnosed with vascular dementia and hernia and depression and anxiety attacks so what are thay doing for me Nothing

  2. bookmanwales September 27, 2014 at 8:19 am - Reply

    A well put argument as usual. Divide and conquer always the Tory way just so many people not able to see it.

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