Poll for Today: Would YOU believe the Liberal Democrats?

This poll accompanies today’s article on Nick Clegg’s claims about the Liberal Democrat coalition with the Conservative Party, and his pre-election policy promises for 2015.

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16 thoughts on “Poll for Today: Would YOU believe the Liberal Democrats?

  1. Scousebadger

    I wouldn’t believe the Lib Dems if they told me the sky was blue, grass was green or water was wet.

  2. Tony Dean

    Personally I have no choice but to vote Lib-Dem in May 2015 in an attempt to keep a Tory out. (Current MP is a Lib-Dem, New Labour voters are as rare as rocking horse poo.)

  3. robert fillies

    Well put scousebadger they should rename themselves as the chameleon party, a party with so many colours they are now unrecognisable.

  4. Nick

    the conservatives are far worse much worse at deception we must never ever forget that
    the liberals have tamed the worse of the conservatives there is no doubt whatsoever about that mike

    if the conservatives win next year you’ll soon find out about pain and suffering for many

  5. wizardofdrivel


    A Twickenham man who believes himself to be an MP and a member of the Liberal Democrat Party has apparently undergone a remarkable public recovery from a severe case of amnesia.

    Speaking on the platform at the Liberal Democrat conference in Glasgow, Vince Cable hit out at the Tories for tax rises and, in a speech which saw his most outspoken attack yet on his party’s coalition partners, Mr Cable said: ” Wait! It’s all becoming clear, now the election is next year! The Tories are ideologically obsessed by cuts. They see it as a way of destroying public services and the welfare state, which they detest.”

    “Any politician who tells you that the next government can balance the budget and avoid tax increases is lying to you.”

    When told that he had been in a virtual coma for the last four years and had, in fact, propped up the Tories for the entirety of that time, and helped to vote through parliament the very policies which he was now condemning, Mr Cable said, “What? I did that? You’re kidding! No Way!”

    Vince Cable is 71. He will be retiring from parliament and from politics in May 2015. Along with all of his colleagues.

  6. Steve grant

    Of course they assume they will win seats in any number to form a coalition?On present form they would be wiped out the same that happened with the Liberals were left with just one MP…back when Joe Grimmond was the leader. If they forced a general election sooner by voting out any Tory bills put forward then they may gain enough credibility to retain a few seats

  7. leonc1963

    Unbelievable how they think they can jump in bed with the tories and think they can get out smelling of roses, No I hold them with the same contempt I have for the Nasty Party.

  8. leonc1963

    Btw If they remained true to their core values throughout this coalition they could have been the obvious choice in May 2015 and walked it with a clear majority but no they decided to sell themselves down the river for a few pennies.

  9. Catherine Cooper

    I am in the same position as Nick, of an earlier post, here in the West. If I don’t vote Liberal then I will be helping the Tory’s to elect one of their MPs. I detest the lies of the Liberals and the way they are now trying to make out that they are decent, caring people who didn’t vote for the destruction of the NHS or the bedroom tax. Labour doesn’t seem to exist in the Chippenham constituency, unfortunately, so I can’t vote for them.

  10. Lynn Dye

    Having voted Liberal Democrat ever since their existence, there is no way I would ever vote for them again after they sold their principles and allowed the Tories to rage war on the poor and the vulnerable. Labour have gained a new voter here.

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