Pay black people £2 per hour as that’s all they’re worth? Now you get why Freud has to be sacked – SPeye Joe


The scurrilous and offensive remarks of Lord Freud over people with disabilities should have seen him sacked.  Last night on BBC Question Time he was defended to the hilt in a disgraceful example of people not getting what he said, writes Joe Halewood in his SPeye Joe blog.

The simplest way to GET what he said is to subititute “black” for “disabled” and THEN you get it so below I have simple cut and pasted my blog from Wednesday with that change

It reads:

Lord Freud, said by many to be the architect of the bedroom tax and some wider welfare reform policies has been recorded saying black people are NOT WORTH THE MINIMUM WAGE of £6.50 per hour and should be paid £2 PER HOUR FOR THE WORK THEY DO.

Read the rest on SPeye Joe.

The view of this blog is that last night’s Question Time was an hour-long parade of senility and stupidity. You can work out for yourself who among the guests, chairman and audience displayed the symptoms of either condition.

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13 thoughts on “Pay black people £2 per hour as that’s all they’re worth? Now you get why Freud has to be sacked – SPeye Joe

  1. Lovejoy

    It shows also how clueless he is about the cost of living, if he believes someone could live on those wages!

  2. Florence

    I have been totally disgusted as all the various media, political and frankly others who should know better are falling over themselves as the apologists for this piece of sh*t.

    Speye Joe and some bloggers DO get it. The others can’t wait to say what Fraud “was trying” to say, or “meant” “clumsy” whatever crap they want to substitute for what he ACTUALLY said. Of that there is no doubt. Of course, the reason they are all leaping to Fraud’s defence is because they either fail to understand the enormity of his crimes, or want to pretend these crimes have not been committed while they watched on in silence, – de facto agreement. Under UK law, ignorance is not a defence for crimes committed.

    Now the ugly fascist truth is out there, they STILL want to try & pretend there has not been a campaign of hate and harm by this worthless parasite. If they want to apologise for his words, then they must be prepared to be judged by them too. And not the sanitised substitutions.

    I guess you know I’m pretty angry! Apologists beware – we’re coming for you.

  3. thelovelywibblywobblyoldlady

    Right 3 things….

    1) Freud is a very poor quality Alistair Darling lookie likee

    2) More seriously, I’ve noticed this constantly about the tories; they hoist the flag up the flag pole and see who salutes it. There’s no doubt that paying people less is something they wish to achieve.

    3) and last but not least, there seemed to be a strong bias (apart from Angela Eagle) in support of Freud… could those audience members have been tory plants?

  4. Mozart

    After his comments earlier regarding the disabled and now this, his opinions are totally off the richter scale. He should lose his job definitely as he has committed two crimes, disabilism and racism. If that was anyone else committing those offences they would be arrested. Though here it’s one law for us and another for them!

  5. tommaz jay

    Very well said Mike, agree with you 100%. I had to stop watching QT becuse of the sycophants, nearly cost me another gigantic flat screen TV out of my generously small benefits by chucking my bottles of white lightning at it.

  6. scotty

    What a racist remark, he should be made to make a public apology and then fired!! maybe after he has been fired give him a wage earning £2 an hour, most rude arrogant b*****d

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Scotty, Freud didn’t actually say “pay black people £2ph” – he said some disabled people were “worth” less than the minimum wage and suggested £2ph. Some people have tried to defend him so the writer of the article here has transposed his comment from referring to the disabled into a reference to race, to show why people should be demanding his resignation. It’s not racism we’re complaining about, but ablism.

  7. Gazza

    I commented earlier this week on this. I am not surprised. I am Black. SelfServatives/UKIP/BNP you know what you’re getting from them – and let God have mercy on your soul if you happen to be poor as well…

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