The PM who cried wolf must pay – glynismillward189


David Cameron can thump the table, stamp his feet and shout all he likes …. he’s been caught out in a lie and now the pigeons have come home to roost!

When you have an (unelected) prime minister and a chancellor of the exchequer (who doesn’t even know his seven times table), who have manipulated and lied about the economy, they shouldn’t be surprised when they are forced to live up to their fiction.

The EU have asked the UK to pay £1.7 billion pounds because… the UK economy has improved.

If the economy HAD improved to the extent that CaMORON says it has, then this payment would not be too much of a problem.

There has indeed been an improvement in the economy, but only because of factors such as the money from activities such as drug use and prostitution being used to bolster the figures.

Prostitution and illegal drugs are contributing around £10 billion a year to the British economy, according to official data released last May (source ONS)

More than half of that – £5.3 billion – is attributable to prostitution*, according to estimated figures from the Office for National Statistics. Illegal drugs are worth £4.4bn.

Britain has to pay. No ifs, no buts. The adjustment is “automatic”.

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* Vox Political should make a correction here. Yesterday this blog stated that sex slumps when the Tories are in office. Clearly this should be amended; it is only legal sex that drops off when Tories are in charge. Draw your own conclusions.

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18 thoughts on “The PM who cried wolf must pay – glynismillward189

  1. joanna may

    OMG!! Ha! they have been well and truly caught with their pants down!!

    How will they get out of this? Especially with an election breathing down their necks, also this makes Labour’s silence, quite smart, if Labour does not take advantage of the=-is at the right time then we are doomed!!

  2. Nick

    This country is only run for the haves which are big business and the likes. David Cameron lives in the wrong country he is best suited to the likes of running a small country like Liechtenstein in which he would have very little to do

    His economics will never work in the uk for a very simple reason the country is too small and the population too large – any fool can work that out

    The money this country needs to sustain itself at a basic level will never be met [his way] so the poor – just like in northern Europe India and the likes – will stay poor forever

    the only solution is for better education all round and for many to leave the uk, just like the Irish have done over the past 100 years, as not everyone is daft after all

    Sure that is not ideal but when the ship sinks why should the young be punished by staying put

    If you can get out then my advice is to go and the sooner the better and hopefully with your skills make a better life for yourself and your family

    if you stay in the uk you’ll just end up on a merry-go-round that never stops, with your health failing and then having to live a life on benefits which, for many, will be their death sentence as we have seen all too often over the past few years

  3. Paul Needs

    I can’t help thinking that this has been staged. If they had wanted to, they could have kept this quiet until after the election. Cameroon just wants to show you all how turf ‘n’ mean he is to impress you that the Toerags are better than UKIP. And he probably will get away with it, like all the other outright lies many of you just sucked up at the last election and since.
    It’s funny how it is that now Osborne’s sh*t* performance is being excused by there being a recession in Europe and the rest of the world – which was the fact before the last election too – only it was worse then.
    It’s funny how Cameron says that the UK’s deficit is being paid off, when the country now owes more than it did at the time of the election, and indeed, more than under any Labour government ever.
    It’s funny that people will always be better off in work, but so many are on such poor wages that they a) pay no income tax, and b) their bosses get subsidised out of our taxes via Tax Credits.
    It’s funny that of all the disabled and sick people that the Government are ‘helping back into work’ by denying them the benefits they actually DO qualify for, taking some of their benefits away from the money that “The Government says you need to live on” in the form of benefit sanctions and bedroom tax, over 10,000 have died.
    It’s funny that no better number of those dying after being screwed over by sanctions, benefit losses and bedroom tax exists. Why not? The DWP stopped counting deliberately so they would not have to reply to Official Information Requests.
    Trouble is, not many of us are laughing…
    …apart from IDS who whenever I see him the House of Commons, seems to be laughing like the guy in the glass box outside the Fun House at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Just one correction: The DWP has not stopped counting the number of benefit-related deaths. All the figures are available in a form that could be transmitted quickly and cheaply to anybody who asks for it. Draw your own conclusions as to why this has not taken place in response to the numerous FOI requests that have been made.

  4. paul

    He will pay it, but I bet he gets a deal to pay it AFTER the next election. Dropping the next government right in the shoite before they even start.

  5. jray

    Unemployment down? Millions of Jobs created? Time for a little back slapping, bring out the Bollie, Cam, IDS, McVile and Freud.. Not according to Carney at the BOE; he promised to raise interest rates once unemployment fell below 7%. It has supposedly fallen to 6% and he has remained mute.

    As you say, if things are so rosy, £1.7bn would not be so bad,but yet they still are attacking the disabled, unemployed and underemployed…

  6. kittysjones

    ‘* Vox Political should make a correction here. Yesterday this blog stated that sex slumps when the Tories are in office. Clearly this should be amended; it is only legal sex that drops off when Tories are in charge. Draw your own conclusions.’ Like everything else, the tories put a price on it Mike.

  7. Mr.Angry

    No doubt he will make the poor pay for it, starve a few more, we are only stock, peasants or part of the herd. Lets watch the odious worm try and wriggle out of this one Ha!

    Like a Blackadder sketch, lets hear what his “cunning plan” brings forth. Send in IDS and his bodyguards; he will sort it out no doubt. He can lie his way to hell and back.

    1. joanna may

      What’s with saying “watch them wriggle out of this” What is the point? when they are thrown out of their jobs, they will be a) rich enough that they won’t need another job and b) they will still get regular incomes anyway, from after dinner speeches, it won’t matter to them that they did a crap job and ruined peoples lives. Does anyone seriously think that they are going to prosecuted? In an Ideal world it might happen, Gideon might not know his 7 times table, but he had a good enough education to circumvent the law!!!

      Please forgive my pessimism I am getting beyond depressed!!

  8. Alistair Ralph Lazenby

    All the lies cameron & co mouthed off about our economy, borrowing down, unemployment down how rosy that UK inflation down,all as i said lies, Euro Leaders just bit him om his stinking filthy s**t mouth he spored over the last few years, cameron the p***k been caught, now resign you scumbag

  9. Mozart

    If you belong to a club, organisation or institution then you have to obey by their rules. So stop throwing your toys out the pram and pay up, nothing you can do about and nothing you can do about the Human Rights act which would be abolished if Great Britain came out of Europe and then we would all have to watch our backs.

  10. Colin

    The EU apparently didn’t even use drugs or prostitution when working this stuff out so not sure if you or i am mixed up, they said on the news last night that the EU had calculated this all but had left out the drugs and prostitution monies so not sure.

      1. Mike Sivier Post author

        Cameron doesn’t really want to leave the EU. He’s been put between a rock and a hard place by his own backbenchers and UKIP (as I understand it).

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