Whoops! DWP caught out posting fake tweets

What do you make of this?


The tweet seems to have been deleted by a DWP Press Office that should be deeply embarrassed (but probably isn’t). The tweeter quoted above is a person who is known to this blog and who may be trusted. It did appear; the DWP did send it.

It seems clear that the intention was, as Tentacle Sixteen sarcastically denies, to put this out from a fake account, complete with fake spelling mistake, to coincide with the barrage of pro-Universal Credit propaganda currently streaming from the @dwppressoffice Twitter account like a sewage leak.

Yet again, your government is lying to you.

It cannot go unnoticed that this has come to attention as the House of Commons debates the future of Lord Freud, who foolishly said that disabled people could be made to work for less than the minimum wage. As these words are being typed, employment minister Esther McVey is speaking – a woman whose own constituents have launched a campaign to remove her from government office.

This disgraceful Coalition government’s shameless and relentless attempts to brainwash us into believing its lies, while it continues its programme of harm against the unemployed, the long-term sick and the disabled, shames us all as a nation. It is a matter of huge regret that the United Nations has agreed to postpone an investigation into the behaviour of this government until after the 2015 general election.

Your comments and opinions are requested.

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28 thoughts on “Whoops! DWP caught out posting fake tweets

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      To answer queries from the media. They do need it; having worked for the newspapers, I have had reason to contact this organisation. Of course, back then it was being run in a far more rational way than appears to be the case now.

    1. Matt

      my guess is the Tories want to keep criticism quiet until after the elections, that said if they get kicked out in 2015 who takes the blame?

      my point being if the tories get kicked out, will whoever gets in end up taking the blame? after all these days it seems politics is all about passing the buck.. and what worries me the most is that if something does get done about it will it fall on whoever is in power or those who caused all the problems in first place?

      1. Mike Sivier Post author

        It would fall on those then in office to sort out the system, but the blame would land on those who were in office at the time of the offence (I think).

  1. Mr.Angry

    Mike thank you I am so disappointed the UN have post postponed, it gave great hope to many. Why I am unsure but the oppressed needed another body i.e. the UN to recognize what is going on in the UK.

    This country is being destroyed in the name of capitalism for the rich.

  2. aturtle05

    Will this Government be referred to as the League Into Associated Research Studies?

    You may need to think of the initials!

  3. Ged Hession

    There was that thing about Universal Jobmatch, that the adverts were fake or involved illegal stuff like the Italian Mafia recruiting drugs mules. I tend to find that it’s the same jobs advertised with different agencies.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Bless. It appears they were trying to create a narrative around this ‘Natalie’ character – who may or may not be real – and undermined it all by posting comments, that were supposed to be from her, from the press office account. To me, this confirms that it was a fake tweet and DWP was pretending to be somebody else, who may or may not be real.

      1. Mr burt

        What time were these tweets sent? if it was during office ours shouldn’t they be working and not on social networks? disciplinary action is needed.

      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        It’s a reasonable point, and puts those involved between a rock and a hard place. They were carrying out work for the DWP, of course. Just nothing that the department’s bosses would ever admit was ordered by them.

    1. saschagabriel

      “We need to get rid of hypocrisy and self interest at the next general election.” Hahaha. Never going to happen. I’d like a ‘You’re All Sh*t’ box to tick AND PR, not First Past The Post too, but we won’t be getting those either.

  4. Chris

    Legitimate comment re: the DWP, but Lord Freud’s comments on disabled people working for less than the minimum have been taken in the exact opposite spirit to that in which they were offered. Honestly, take a look at the surrounding context and it casts a very different light to the pull quote.

  5. chopale

    Who! in this circle of a ghost squad? UN “Committee” has an affiliation with who?. Follow the ideology in a stale mate & the game players will run off side!

  6. Peter

    Once again, Freud being misquoted for the sake of political argument. If you read or listen to what he said rather than focusing on selected soundbites, you will see that he said that some disabled people cannot provide full value and the employer should not be required to pay the minimum wage for an employee who does not provide value, AND THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD PAY THE DIFFERENCE so as to ensure employment. Of course, this is inconceivable that a Tory should say this, so the second half of the proposal is systematically being ignored, or worse, as is the case in this post, turned to say exactly the opposite.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      The point that you are missing is that, if an employee cannot provide “full value”, as you and these others like Freud rather distastefully describe it, then this is a judgement made by the employer and may be manipulated to ensure that they can pay as little as possible and get the government to pay the rest. Nice dodge!
      Note also that such an employee may never progress beyond the minimum wage, meaning they would be another cheap source of labour to be exploited with no chance of advancement.
      Furthermore, experience shows that no firm will install the adaptations necessary to give such people a job anyway, as this would interfere with profit. It doesn’t matter whether you’re paying the employee £2 or £20 – profit comes first with these employers and extra expense is not acceptable to them.
      Finally, the argument that unemployment harms a disabled person’s state of mind may be countered by pointing out that being exploited by a cheapskate company at the taxpayer’s expense is likely to harm their state of mind more.

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