An import we DON’T need: homeless ‘selfies’

Homeless selfie: How long will it be before the man we can 'RTU' (Returned To Unit) appears in a REAL 'homeless selfie'?

Homeless selfie: How long will it be before the man we can ‘RTU’ (Returned To Unit) appears in a REAL version of this mock-up?

There is a new fashion craze sweeping America’s rich, bored and – let’s face it – stupid kids, and it’s one that is sure to hit these shores at any time.

It involves – as the Addicting Info website puts it – “finding a homeless person and snapping an oh so outrageous selfie to post on Tumblr or Instagram.  Then other youngsters come along to laugh and heap scorn on the mostly sleeping, ragged, destitute stranger”.

Oh how clever. How witty. How socially conscious.

The trouble is, as the site rightly pegs it, “the kids are reflecting the value our society places on homeless people.  All it takes is a person to become dirty, smelly, and unkempt – and they become detritus, vermin – of no more note or merit than a rat or a pigeon”.

Isn’t that exactly what is being done to the poor, the unemployed and the homeless, here in Blighty?

Iain Duncan Smith has four children, some of whom are already in their mid-teens. How long will it be before one of them appears in an image that could only be described as “unforgiveable”?

In fact, considering his astonishing lapses of judgement over the past four-plus years, how long before their father appears in one?

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  1. loobitzh November 12, 2014 at 9:36 pm - Reply

    This is just the sort of craze ‘insanity’ we do not need. Dehumanising the vulnerable, which in turn not only desensitises those involved from the reality of deprivation and the suffering of those living through it but perhaps even more dangerous is the dissociative effect which is so easily achieved in groups and can lead to even more bizarre and destructive changes in group behaviour, with members behaving in extreme ways they would not consider as an individual. Look at what happened in Germany in WW2! Even members of the SS started out as average Joes. and would never have dreamt of carrying out those atrocities if it were not for the influence of the regime around at the time along with belonging to the IN group.

    Lets hope this type of behaviour does not reach our shores, but if it does then it would be very worrying and need concerted action to stamp it out?

  2. Ismell1 November 13, 2014 at 2:27 am - Reply

    how low do they have to go, when they are proud that homeless people exist. Some sick people about and it doesn’t seem that it is something to be ashamed of anymore.

  3. hstorm November 13, 2014 at 8:52 am - Reply

    On one level, this disgusting behaviour does serve an inadvertent useful purpose, which is that the pictures show just how miserable the plight of the homeless really is. With Tories cheerfully laughing and mocking when the issues of poverty are raised in the House Of Commons, you do have to ask whether they even comprehend what is really happening as a result of Austerity. Shoving a few of these pictures in their faces might well open their eyes a bit. And the heartless mockery of the kids taking the pics might also be very telling, as it almost exactly reflects the laughter and mockery by Tories mentioned above.

  4. wildswimmerpete November 13, 2014 at 10:46 am - Reply

    Yet another US import that should have been torpedoed halfway across the Atlantic. That attitude is a result of poor education, lives dominated by the corporate or government (is there a difference?) propaganda, together our corporate-driven mobile phone culture. Basically thumb-swiping morons with no interests nor hobbies, bored out of their tiny little minds,

  5. Pete B November 13, 2014 at 11:08 am - Reply

    Are the ones taking the selfies,the future leaders.The Congressmen of tomorrow.No wonder this world is so F—-D up.

    Our posh boys go in for burning fifty pound notes in front of the homeless, from what I have read anyway. Perhaps the Americans use $100 bills.

  6. wildswimmerpete November 13, 2014 at 11:11 pm - Reply

    These so-called “crazes” result from corporate interests manipulating weak-minded sheeple. Every time I go out I see people thumb-swiping walking along (round me that includes the public road) without any regard to their surroundings nor traffic – in fact I was knocked off my bike on the public highway by a young female thumb-swiping. When I picked myself off the ground she abused me using language I’d hesitate to use to another bloke, then the little slut spat full in my face. A typical example of degeneracy.

    What’s the attraction? Thumb-swipers are obviously addicted and become very aggressive when challenged. What these (mostly young) sheeple don’t know that Faecesbook and Twitter sell on everything they hoover from the sheeples’ moronic exchanges.

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