UKIP on course to form government in 3,392 years



Congratulations to UKIP on winning its second seat in the House of Commons. At this rate, the party – formed in September 1993 – is on course to form its first UK government in the year 5406!

One has to wonder whether the issues facing the nation will be the same, by then, as they are now.

UKIP stormed to victory – most notably against the Liberal Democrats, who were left with just 4.5 per cent of the 7,800 voters they attracted in 2010. That’s just 349 votes!

The Conservatives, who used everything including the kitchen sink to… well… sink UKIP, kept 59 per cent of their voters, with 13,947 supporters (down from 23,604 in 2010).

Labour suffered a similar drop, retaining 49 per cent of its 2010 vote (down from 13,651 to 6,713).

Turnout was down from 47,971 to 40,065.

None of the above figures present the real fact of the matter, which is that the people of Rochester and Strood voted for their sitting MP.

While UKIP and the media may make much of incumbent Mark Reckless’s change of party, in fact his constituents supported no change.

It doesn’t matter what Nigel Farage might say; this wasn’t so much the Army of the (rich and xenophobic) People didn’t so much score a victory as it was the rest of us learning what Mark Reckless really thinks – and this was hammered home by Labour’s Dennis Skinner, within moments of Reckless being sworn in as an MP.

In the debate on the National Health Service that followed, the Bolsover Beast got on his hind legs and growled: “we dragged the national health service, between 1997 and 2010, from the depths of degradation that the Tories left it in and hoisted it back to the pinnacles of achievement. I have got a united nations heart bypass to prove it—it was done by a Syrian cardiologist, a Malaysian surgeon, a Dutch doctor and a Nigerian registrar, and these two people on the Bench behind me talk about sending them back [Reckless and fellow UKIP MP – and Tory defector – Douglas Carswell].

“If you did that in the hospitals in London, half of Londoners would be dead in six months. Those are the facts about the United Kingdom Independence party.”

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10 thoughts on “UKIP on course to form government in 3,392 years

  1. Pension60

    Ah but we have another scenario.

    All sitting Tory MPs in England and Wales convert to UKIP and all sitting Labour MPs allies of Miliband and Balls do the same.

    All the true socialists within Labour that are sitting MPs convert to The Greens.

    Which then gives England and Wales the first female and true socialist Prime Minister of The Greens’ leader, in a majority government in 2015 not needing a coalition or understanding with the SNP.

  2. Kevin Scardifled

    How can Mr Skinner claim the Labour Party are for the NHS and sick People, they did absolutely nothing after this debate and the petitions that were delivered to them.
    and failed yet again when I asked in April, Andy Burnham to help force this government to take action.
    Labour don’t give a s**t about the people with the worlds most painful incurable condition whether they are in power or out

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      I find it hard to take your criticism of Labour entirely seriously as the debate you highlight was called by a member of the Conservative Party – the organisation currently ensuring that hundreds of people with chronic conditions are dying every week.

      1. Kevin Scardifield

        and the government in power at the time was the labour party, Health Minister Andy Burnham. According to US studies People with my condition are 900% more likely to commit suicide than any other group in the world and in the long term 25% of us do. 66% are t crippled to ever work again, it spread in 77% of us and in 10% goes full body that’s all 4 limbs torso neck scalp eyes and internal organs. 7 -8% of us get wounds that may never heal. If Labour did nothing while they were in power last time and nothing while they are in opposition why the hell would anyone thing they would do anything if they got back in.

      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        What are Labour supposed to do while in opposition – other than what they have done, which is shout about it to the high heavens. Weren’t you listening? There are reports of the relevant Parliamentary debates and activism outside Parliament all over this blog.
        Meanwhile we have a Conservative and Liberal Democrat government that is absolutely adamant that it will do nothing other than to push the sick towards suicide just as fast as it possibly can. Don’t you think something needs to be done about that very real and present danger?
        It’s a matter of priorities.

      3. Kevin Scardifield

        Oppose I.E when the government do something wrong or fail to act when they have promised to. I gave them enough documentation to force Lambs sacking or resignation. It was their job/responsibility to use it but they’ve had it since April and done NOTHING exactly the same as when they were in power.
        Based on US figures UK figures and UK population 15% of the suicides in the UK are because of RSD/CRPS. Should that not be a priority for all parties

      4. Mike Sivier Post author

        How do you know they’ve done nothing? You come across the same way as those who say Labour has supported everything the Coalition has done, simply because Labour never managed to defeat the Coalition’s ‘reform’ legislation – something that is impossible in a whipped vote because the government has a majority.

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