Wannabe activists take over ‘A letter a day’ FB group

Keith Lindsay-Cameron: This photo was taken on the day he reported Iain Duncan Smith and Lord Freud to the police for breaching the Human Rights Act with their Claimant Commitment for jobseekers.

Keith Lindsay-Cameron: This photo was taken on the day he reported Iain Duncan Smith and Lord Freud to the police for breaching the Human Rights Act with their Claimant Commitment for jobseekers.

How pathetic is this? A group of wannabe political activists called ‘Anonymous is in the United Kingdom’ (not affiliated to Anonymous but actively opposed to it, so you can guess their point of view) has taken over Keith Lindsay-Cameron’s ‘A Letter A Day To Number 10’ Facebook group and started posting its own puerile material there.

These people are clearly idiots.

There is no point in stealing somebody else’s FB page out from under them – especially one like ALADTN10. The only reason people went there was that it was Keith’s page; they won’t return if he isn’t there any more and they’ll tell everybody they know to avoid it if offensive material is published there (such as, for example, the image of Keith behind bars, stating he can’t keep control of his own page).

It’s only Facebook, you know? What do you think Keith has done in response?

He’s started a new page, of course.

If you want to keep up with Keith’s activities, you may wish to check out his personal page – and you should definitely visit his new ALAD group page.

As for these ‘Anonymous is in the United Kingdom’ twerps: Keith wasn’t doing you any harm and it isn’t big or clever to disrupt his business just because you can. If you thought you would achieve anything other than showing the rest of the world that there is no point to you whatsoever then you were wrong. If you were trying to confuse Keith’s works with the reeking outpourings of your own atrophied brains, then you have reached a level of delusion indicating that you should seek psychiatric assessment before your over-inflated self-importance induces you to commit actual harm next time – most likely to yourself. The only reason anyone would thank you for what you have done is it shows that there is no point in trying to engage you in rational discourse. Anybody who visits Keith’s old page will never visit it again and, the instant they leave, they’ll probably forget you ever existed. Your worthlessness is such that the flaming you have received in this paragraph isn’t even original.

Vox Political is glad to have sorted that out for you.

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24 thoughts on “Wannabe activists take over ‘A letter a day’ FB group

  1. loopeyange

    I loved Keith’s attitude to this stupid little twerp – ignore, and business as usual! Trolls shouldn’t be fed! Especially when there’s letter writing to be getting on with!

  2. jeffrey davies

    ah well sounds about right we get bbc channel four and five not telling the whole picture but the tory way you see having someone who has posted nothing but the truth most days to cameroooon and his imps its now been deemed he becomes a health warming to cams and co has the truth bit by bit is breaking through their lies yet they still live in that greedie world were truth isnt told jeff3

  3. Catherine Cooper

    Thank you Mike. I guess we will get more of these sad ignoramuses around, trying to interfere in legitimate debate as the next few months go by. I’m off to Keith’s new page now.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      That was my impression, too. If you’re active against anti-government activists, then you’re working for the status quo.

  4. Rob

    GCHQ? (Watch out for black helicopers) Best people to report to are prossibly the real Anonymous? this adolescent idiot isn’t doing them any favours!

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      This person or group isn’t trying to be Anonymous; he’s trying to turn people against that group.

  5. wildswimmerpete

    I’ve just left Keith’s old page and applied to join his new one. The guy who now has the old page, one Daryl Churchill, seems to be totally precious. He’s been banning people left and right.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      In honesty, that shouldn’t make any difference. Anybody who liked that page should be migrating to the new one.

      1. Mike Sivier Post author

        I’m drawing conclusions based on the evidence you have provided.
        If you had seen the page before, you would know that it now has several new residents who seem to have turned up after the takeover. If you had seen the page before, it would also be evident to you that it has been flooded with different material that would not have been welcome there before. I have been there before; I have seen the change; I drew my conclusions from the evidence available.
        Now you answer this: Are you a supporter of Keith, or of the usurper?

      2. longtomrichardson

        Why draw such conclusions when the necessary evidence is posted on the page? Denise Bellamy gave the page to Badda… One person, who never claimed that he wanted to be an activist. These are two of numerous erroneous statements in the article above. In answer to your question: No.

      3. Mike Sivier Post author

        What a person claims, and what they do, can be two separate things. It is clear that a person has claimed control of the page under false pretences and is now using it for reasons that run against the original intention. Since you don’t want to come clean with information about any of the other statements you claim are erroneous, and have already been found to be inaccurate in what you have provided, I reckon you’re probably just trolling. Your answer to my question supports this conclusion. Might be best for everyone else here if I just banned you, but we’ll see what you have to say next time.

      4. longtomrichardson

        Ban me if you feel you must, but I am offering to answer any questions relating to this where the information is available. I consider this to be helpful to yourself and to your readers, far from trolling. The “usurper” known as Daryll Churchill is sharing legal information on the page, relating to instances where Mr Lyndsay-Cameron may be breaking the law. This information should also be of use to followers of the page who may have considered pursuing similar actions. I would be grateful if you could quote an instance in which I “have already been found to be inaccurate in what [I] have provided”.

      5. Mike Sivier Post author

        No – you’re trying to string us along as much as possible.
        I present this comment of yours as evidence.
        “Instances where Mr Lyndsay(sic)-Cameron may be breaking the law” – what rubbish. If he was breaking the law, he’d know about it pretty sharpish!
        As for your request – it’s all in my answers to you. As I mentioned, you’re trying to string us along. It won’t work.

      6. Mike Sivier Post author

        Even now you’re not being straight – trying to say this is about my choices.
        You are right about one thing, though – I’m not going to waste any more time on you.

  6. Steve Kind

    Well – I *HAVE* looked at the page and it is virtually incomprehensible to any human being who has the slightest interface with reality. What a bunch of despicable fools.
    Well done for flagging this issue up Mike.

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