‘Zombie’ Parliament has nothing to do because of Cameron’s self-importance

Flinging around the bling: Someone should have told David Cameron that he shouldn't surround himself with gold when he's rubbing the proles' noses in unlimited austerity. The horse impression may also have been ill-judged.

Opulence in the midst of austerity: David Cameron doesn’t care about the suffering his government has caused – he’s been too busy enjoying the perks of wealth and power (also pictured: someone who recently had to quit her job chairing the inquiry into historical child sex abuse because of an unfortunate association with a – different – Tory minister. Still, it isn’t all bad, is it?) with his friends.

The cat’s out of the bag – tying Parliament to a fixed term of five years was an “irresponsible” act that has “diminished Parliament in the eyes of the public.

That’s the verdict of former House of Commons Speaker Baroness Boothroyd (who is neither the ‘cat’ nor the ‘bag’ mentioned in the introductory paragraph, thank you very much).

Research has shown that MPs sat for just 44 per cent of weekdays over the past year, and only 11 new bills have been introduced in this Parliamentary session – the second lowest in recent history.

Our MPs are working the equivalent of zero-hours contracts – but being paid almost three times as much as most people in full-time employment. Nice work if you can get it!

The revelation that Parliamentary business on Monday was finished after just three hours has led to revived accusations that the Coalition is now running a ‘zombie’ Parliament – just ticking over until the election, while doing nothing about the serious issues of our times.

Baroness Boothroyd said this time-wasting was “an insult to the Parliamentary system” – and she’s right.

We should all know where to lay the blame, too: David Cameron’s puffed-up sense of self-importance, coupled (disconcertingly) with his insecurity.

After he conned his way into Number 10, Cameron knew his position was precarious, so he set about ensuring that he would have the time he felt he needed to inflict on the nation the damage he intended for (among others) the NHS, the welfare state, the economy and the justice system.

That’s why he made sure that his government could only be removed with a confidence vote that would have to be supported by a large proportion of his own Conservative MPs. This would never happen because Tories love power.

Previously, a confidence vote only needed to be won by more than half the MPs in the House of Commons. Cameron changed this because more than half the MPs in the Commons belong to other parties.

That guaranteed his security, but we should also consider his sense of self-importance. Cameron didn’t care if his government ran out of work before the end – he was determined to be Prime Minister for the maximum amount of time possible.

That’s why we have been kept waiting for an election. He knows he won’t win but he’s determined to sit in Downing Street, crossing off the days on his calendar, for just as long as he possibly can.

He doesn’t care if this means a massive increase in the suffering caused by his policies.

He just wants to guarantee his own place in history.

In fact, we all know that Cameron’s place in history is guaranteed already. His place in history is already assured:

“David Cameron: Worst-ever British Prime Minister.”

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8 thoughts on “‘Zombie’ Parliament has nothing to do because of Cameron’s self-importance

  1. Marcus de Mowbray

    “Worst-ever British Prime Minister” : I could not agree more! I started suggesting this to friends and family three years ago and they all rebuked me for not saying that Thatcher was the worst. Many of them now agree with me. When Thatcher was finally driven from office, largely by her own Cabinet, I thought that never again in my life would UK have such a foul and divisive PM, and one who was so determined to close down everything possible in UK and sell it to foreign companies, mostly American; and de-regulate the Banks!

  2. Mr.Angry

    Great article never realized MP’s sat for such a short period 44% over the past year, that’s disgraceful.

    I thought the country was in turmoil requiring a prolonged attendance in which to address matters.

    My days in business consisted of a average sixty hour week, as you so rightly say nice work if you can get it.

    That being the case how can they realistically claim the expenses they do?

  3. Paul

    Hi love your stuff, but related to the above I’m fairly sure that the enhanced majority to dissolve parliament through a vote of no confidence didn’t get through. There just has to be a counter proposal 14 days later which fail?

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Having checked, I can’t find any evidence that it did either – but the provision was widely reported and I don’t recall hearing any reports that it failed. Can anybody clarify with certainty?

  4. Joan Edington

    He will be remembered as the worst ever Prime Minister by those with an interest in politics, right enough. Sorry to lower the tone of your debate with something a bit light-hearted but, in an episode of the quiz/game show Pointless last year, contestants were asked to name UK Prime Ministers. If Cameron thinks he is such a great statesman, perhaps he could tell us why less than 70% (I think) named him and he was beaten by Tony Blair and (I think) even John Major.

  5. Joseph Smith

    CAts out the bag now Davey boy. This is what happens when lie and cheat your way in to office and then break each and every pre-election promise, then you employ a mass murderer called Ian Duncan smith, whose dubious activities have destroyed the lives of thousands of needy people, I hope you choke on your next £50 breakfast. As for camoron this self interested buffoon has to go and be out of politics for ever and not be on the public payroll.

  6. gdh4623

    I’d go along with most incompetent British Prime minister ever, but worst? I’m afraid I’ll still reserve that accolade for the ghoul of Grantham. She laid all the foundations that enabled this insidious shower to be able to cheat their way into government and finish off the work she started 35 years ago. I always said we’d never really see the full destructive power of her policies until we had the second or third generation of the children of Thatcher….In my humble opinion of course.

  7. hugosmum70

    best thing that could happen to him n his ego is for him to be totally excluded from history books/the media etc .no recognition at all. what a blow to his over inflated ego (as well as his over-inflated body..result of living off the fat of our land provided by the tax payers of this country. a lot of which are Tory/ so while your eating your breakfast porridge Mr/Mrs/Miss Tory person reflect on what that fat ***** will be eating at your expense.

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