6 thoughts on “Telegraph distorted HSBC tax avoidance coverage to save advert contract – Oborne

  1. hstorm

    My only note of disapproval is his reference to this as a sinister ‘development’, implying it is a new or unusual policy at the Torygraph to not publish news that is against the owners’ interests. He may not have noticed it before (yeah right), but it has been standard practice since, say, well before I was born.

  2. Mr.Angry

    Well tut tut tut there you have it from the horses mouth!!!! what a corrupt society we live in but what will be done about it?

  3. Andy

    I think Peter Oborne is what you might call an “old school” journalist, he was probably brought up in an environment where integrity counted for something. Perhaps this was the final straw for him, no longer willing to knuckle under and write it their way. Many “young” journalists are just too afraid to stand up as they are worried they will lose their “privileged” jobs. I wish him well in retirement.


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