Cameron failed on immigration so you should vote him out

Cripping staff cuts, imposed by the Coalition government, mean our borders are not being protected properly [Image: ITV News.]

Cripping staff cuts, imposed by the Coalition government, mean our borders are not being protected properly [Image: ITV News.]

How nice of David Cameron to put a failsafe into his government that, if he did not manage to get net immigration below 100,000, we should all vote him out of office. He has failed – so, by his own admission, he has to go.

No ifs, no buts – Cameron himself says you should vote him out so it is your duty as a citizen to shun the Conservative Party in the May election.

Isn’t it a shame politics doesn’t work like that? He was on his hind legs at Prime Minister’s Questions just now (Wednesday, March 4), desperately trying to backtrack his way out of the promise he made five years ago.

He said the strength of the UK economy and the benefits system were the reasons why migration had gone up.

Doesn’t he know that the benefits system under his buddy Iain Duncan Smith is our greatest national shame? Or doesn’t he care? Yes – that seems more likely.

As for the economy, it is no endorsement of Conservative/Coalition policy that UK economic activity has been bouncing back after it hit rockbottom on the watch of Cameron’s buddy George Osborne. It fell as low as it was going to go and then picked up – that is the economic cycle and it has nothing to do with anything done by David Cameron’s government.

Cameron went on to claim he wants to keep the economy strong but change the benefits system, while Labour wants to protect the benefits system and trash the economy.

It is true that he wants to change benefits, to ensure that the abuses listed by this blog and many others not only continue, but worsen, along with the despair and deaths of poor people who – in David Cameron’s world – don’t count.

As for economic strength – Cameron seems to be forgetting that Income Tax takings are well below where they should be, while the in-work benefits bill has ballooned, because his ministers have worked very hard to keep wages low and make fat profits for their big business paymasters.

Nor are Labour’s plans for the benefit system as Cameron lied. He said Labour wants to protect benefits but Labour has been criticised by everybody, it seems, over Rachel Reeves’s comment about being “tough on benefits”. They all took this to mean she would continue the Tory line of persecuting claimants.

In fact, she meant she would bring the cost of the system down by improving chances of finding work and helping people get what they needed, but why let the facts get in the way of a juicy lie?

And Labour’s economic plans are expected to do far more to improve our economic performance than anything attempted by George Osborne in the last five years, so Cameron goofed on that claim too.

After that, Cameron resorted to listing commitments he claimed he had met. What does this have to do with immigration? Nothing at all – he was just wasting time.

It’s worth mentioning Labour’s immigration policy, which demands stronger border controls to tackle illegal immigration with proper entry and exit checks – you’ll remember that Coalition cutbacks mean Border Force is understaffed and cannot protect our borders in this way.

Labour wants smarter targets to reduce low-skilled migration but ensure university students and high-skilled workers are not deterred, as they are at the moment; even foreign nationals who study at UK universities have to leave if they can’t get a job here within a very short period of time.

And Labour would outlaw employment agencies who only recruit abroad, while the fines for employing illegal immigrants will be increased.

What’s the verdict on Cameron’s claims about immigration in 2010 and his performance today? It is as Ed Miliband said:

Cameron’s promise on immigration was “not worth the paper it’s written on”.

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6 thoughts on “Cameron failed on immigration so you should vote him out

  1. itsalllies994

    It’s funny how the Osbourne ‘recovery’ matched the housing boom thanks to HTB. Mark Carney left Canada with a huge housing bubble and he’s done the same to us. This also explains why wages are stagnating, but the recovery is still going. The London housing market is cooling, and the rest of the country should eventually follow. Just in time for the election!

  2. hstorm

    I don’t need to vote Cameron out because he failed on immigration, I have *tens of thousands* of more important reasons than that. Each one of them a person who has died due to Cameron’s Government sanctioning them.

  3. Mr.Angry

    Everything he has attempted has been disastrous, but he and ilk think otherwise. He has brought a black cloud over the UK which will take a long time before the sun shines again.

    Never have I witnessed such lies from a so called government representative and yet he carries on regardless.

    IDS still using the legal system to hide the outdated reports from public view one wonders why, millions wasted on a hare brained washout scheme. Can’t wait for May.

  4. Thomas

    I want him out because of the disabled people who have been starved to death, forced into hard labour or evicted from their homes because of him. I want him out before his policies ruin my life as well. I want him out for wasting public money, forcing people into zero hour contracts, and forcing people to wrongly declare they are self employed and then demanding the money back from them.

  5. Pete B

    I agree with hstorm and Mr Angry also.The only reason this Government has even a chance of victory is down to Propaganda.

    IDS uses Propaganda all the time,the bigger the lie,the more its believed.His recent comment on not calling the poor is typical of him.It makes him seem to his supporters,who are swivel eyed ones after all,Human.

    IDS is built on lies.It was stated somewhere that he said his rank was Captain.But searching records I find he left as a Lieutenant.He may have been acting Captain.But then again Smith is just a third rate actor.He can put on a dead pan face when questioned about the poor’s lot since he took over.He can feign concern.But we all know he is a ego driven megalomaniac.

    He University of Periugia claims are well known.A little info on the serial liar here.

    Then there was Camerons Big Society.The young conservatives posing at the Tory Conference looked akin to a Hitler Youth Rally.Smith visited Auschwitz,did it give him ideas?

    It is all very 1930ish.Its like we have travelled back in time.History often repeats itself,so lets stop it dead in its tracks,now.

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