UKIP would legalise racial discrimination

Themselves as others see them: Comments like those made by Nigel Farage play right into the hands of those who portray UKIP as a racist organisation - and the justifications are not convincing.

Themselves as others see them: Comments like those made by Nigel Farage play right into the hands of those who portray UKIP as a racist organisation – and the justifications are not convincing.

In fact, this could be an awful day for UKIP’s chances. Here’s the BBC:

UKIP would scrap much of the legislation designed to prevent racial discrimination in work, party leader Nigel Farage has said.

He was speaking in a Channel 4 documentary to be shown next week.

Downing Street said his comments were “deeply concerning”, while Labour branded them “shocking”.

Mr Farage told the BBC his remarks, recorded last autumn, had been “wilfully misinterpreted”, saying he was talking about nationality not race.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme he said he was making the point that employers should be able to discriminate in favour of British workers.

Isn’t that giving employers the right to exercise racism, if they wish?

Perhaps Mr Farage has a short memory but it isn’t very long since Theresa May allowed government operatives onto the streets of London, accusing people of being illegal immigrants because they “didn’t sound British“.

Interviewed by Channel 4, Farage said UKIP as a party was “colour-blind”.

Perhaps he meant his party was blind to attacks on people of colour.

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17 thoughts on “UKIP would legalise racial discrimination

  1. Gazza

    In Farage’s eyes nationality and race are the same thing – If you are not white that is.

  2. Jim Round

    Wonder why he (and other politicians) are shy of tackling the reason some sectors rely on and employ new/recent immigrants.

  3. artie

    So according to the stupid insulting poster above, although I have not voted for UKIP but I agree with their views, I am BIGOTED – RACIST – HALFWIT with the IQ OF A CORNFLAKE. Dear me, who is this idiot who produced this disgusting, insulting, garbage, It smacks of the politics of the great unwashed, found huddled in corners of Student Halls, their brains completely washed by the Milliband brand of halfwit politics mixed in with loony left views of the ‘Greens’, I am 75 years old, I left school at 15 to work in a ship yard, worked all my life until I retired at 65 and I have to see insulting rubbish like this.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Be fair, artie – the rest of us have to endure information-free rubbish like your comment!

      1. wildswimmerpete

        Every time I read ad hominem attacks in blogs or anywhere else, almost are all from right-wingers. Right-wing politics obviously leads to extreme, intolerant views.

  4. Thomas

    When it was individuals sounding off, then I could feel a little sorry for Farage, but now it’s clear that the party itself is racist. If the equal employment laws were got rid of, many employers would just refuse to employ non-whites. UKIP is far bigger then the BNP ever was and far more dangerous.

  5. Gary

    This graphic wouldn’t put off a kipper! They revel in it. Many Tories and even MPs identify with their views. Read Guido Fawkes and look at the comments, it makes The Daily Mail comments section look sane! UKIP are the Tories, they are the BNP, they are EDL. Society has found its scape goat and will focus its attention on them and avoid the real guilty parties.

  6. artie

    I see you refused to publish my reply yesterday, so much for freedom of speech. To near to the truth was I? can’t have your sheep reading a difference of opinion can we!!!!

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      No, I just didn’t notice it. Currently working through a backlog while trying to get some more articles out.

    2. wildswimmerpete

      @artie obviously you don’t have the IQ of a cornflake if you expect your right-wing views to be acceptable on a left-wing blog. And yes artie, that IS an ad hominem attack so beloved of you right-wingers. Perhaps you should restrict your reading to the Daily Heil, The Excess and The Scum.

      1. Mike Sivier Post author

        I’m permitting this as Pete has already explained that he’s complaining about ad hominem attacks – and this is an example, to show how it feels to be on the receiving end of one.

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