‘The SNP’s Tory-LibDem second term’

Big Mouth strikes: Stewart Hosie was desperate to wrongly lay blame for the economic crisis on Labour. Now he's being told that every vote for the SNP could help enable a Conservative-Liberal Democrat second term.

Big Mouth strikes: Stewart Hosie was desperate to wrongly lay blame for the economic crisis on Labour. Now he’s being told that every vote for the SNP could help enable a Conservative-Liberal Democrat second term.

SNP mouthpiece Stewart Hosie should have known better than to try to score political points with information from Oxford’s Professor of Macroeconomics.

After Professor Simon Wren-Lewis (author of the Mainly Macro blog) confirmed to The Conversation that Nicola Sturgeon’s claims about austerity* were correct, “with no qualifications” (meaning he would not correct her on any aspect of it), Hosie spouted the following in a press release:

“Professor Wren-Lewis reflects what many other experts and indeed members of the public know all too well – that Tory/Lib Dem austerity has done deep harm to the country’s recovery from the Labour recession.” [Italics mine]

Here’s the response from Prof Wren-Lewis (bolding mine):

“Oh dear – ‘the Labour recession’. That would be the global financial crisis that originated with US subprime mortgages! Calling this the Labour recession is just stupid, and is something I would never say. It is very unfortunate (and I hope it is just a misfortune) that Stewart Hosie appeared to suggest that I had said or implied that. Whatever the intention, it indicates that at least some in the SNP are still in the business of making highly misleading statements to advance their cause.

“While on the subject of the SNP and this election, let me make one final point, just in case any prospective SNP voters read this. In the quite likely event that the Conservatives get more seats than Labour, but less seats than Labour and the SNP combined, in a situation where either side would need LibDem support Nick Clegg has made it clear he will talk to the Conservatives first. That will almost certainly lead to the current coalition government continuing. Clegg’s reasoning for doing this makes little sense, but the SNP cannot influence Clegg’s decision, and I suspect nor can his party even if they were minded to.

“If that comes to pass, then every vote for the SNP rather than Labour that loses Labour seats becomes a vote to continue with the current government. That is not an opinion, but a factual statement. So, to be consistent with his own logic, I think Stewart Hosie would have to call this election result the SNP’s Tory-LibDem second term.”

If we’re honest, this means Nicola Sturgeon really does need to ask England and Wales not to vote Tory, as this blog stated a few days ago.

Any questions (or indeed squeals from the SNP cultists in our readership)?

*She had said: “In the last five years, austerity has undermined our public services, lowered the living standards of working people, pushed more children into poverty and held back economic growth.”

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  1. cnhay April 23, 2015 at 11:02 am - Reply

    Aye Mike your running scared i see trying all of your low down tricks to scare folk into thinking the SNP are some kind of terrorist organisation by the way you keep rattling on about them , if you would spend more time on trying to explain and justify your Labour parties manifesto i think you would get on a lot better.

    • Mike Sivier April 23, 2015 at 12:27 pm - Reply

      I’m trying all of my low-down tricks, like quoting the opinion of an eminent professor of Macroeconomics, am I?
      How stupid do you think people are?
      You will say anything to try to discredit criticism of the SNP, while putting forward nothing to disprove that criticism.
      I think we can all see who’s scared.

  2. Joan Edington April 24, 2015 at 1:09 pm - Reply

    Whether what you or this professor says is true or not, I refuse to prostitute my democratic right to vote for the candidate I consider the best person on my sheet. The one I consider will do the best for my constituency, as was originally intended. I loathe the tactical voting that does nothing but corrupt government. Personally, I would like PR, an elected chamber rather than the House of Lords and a ban on whipped voting altogether. I doubt I’ll live to see any of it.

    • Mike Sivier April 24, 2015 at 1:22 pm - Reply

      How about a second chamber in Holyrood, to scrutinise the SNP government’s legislation?

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