You have to laugh at the way government borrowing is reported by Tory mouthpieces like the BBC.

George Osborne’s original claim was that he would have the UK’s budget in surplus by 2015. This means that, rather than having borrowing “comfortably below” government targets, it is nearly £90 billion higher.

UK government borrowing fell to £6.8bn in April, down from £9.3bn a year earlier, official figures show.

It is the lowest April government borrowing figure since April 2008, when public borrowing stood at £2.5bn.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) also revised its previous estimate of borrowing for the full financial year up slightly to £87.7bn, from £87.3bn.

But that was still comfortably below the government’s target of £90.3bn.

Source: UK government borrowing falls to £6.8bn in April – BBC News