More sour grapes from Chuka Umunna


Blue is the colour (of this man's politics): Chuka Umunna should be in the Conservative Party.

Blue is the colour (of this man’s politics): Chuka Umunna should be in the Conservative Party.

What is the matter with Chuka Umunna these days? Is he still crying because Labour supporters rejected his bid to be leader?

Yesterday he was accusing the rest of the party of behaving like a “petulant child”, “screaming at the electorate” about Labour’s poor performance in the general election.

How does he come to that conclusion?

On the BBC’s Newsnight, he told Allegra Stratton that Labour was sent a “very strong message” when it lost all but one of its seats to the SNP in Scotland and failed to take seats from the Conservatives in England.

That’s right. The message was that campaigning on an anti-austerity platform works, while trying to pretend you’re Conservative for the sake of winning a few Tory votes doesn’t.

Very few members of the Labour Party – if any at all – have been “screaming at the electorate”. Instead, there’s a heated debate going on in Labour about whether to listen to the minority of the electorate who voted Conservative (23 per cent) or the majority who didn’t (76 per cent).

It seems common sense to say the majority should be heeded, but let’s not forget that Chuka was one of those who thought Labour should be more like the Tories. This Blog recommended that, with his ideas, he should cross the floor of the House of Commons and join the Conservatives.

Better still if he left politics altogether.

The last thing the Labour Party needs is his kind of whining, Tory-supporting backstabber.

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17 thoughts on “More sour grapes from Chuka Umunna

  1. Janice

    “Labour Party screaming at the electorate”. What planet is he on indeed! He certainly cannot hear the masses screaming at the party to represent them as they were supposed to do. And still supporting Liz Kendall …says it all.
    I don’t know whether Jeremy winning the leadership will save labour. But I do know that having a centre ‘rightish’ leader and party definitely won’t. Those long weeks spent canvassing prior to the last election I heard many who were pissed off that ‘they’re all the same” and were not going to bother voting anyway.
    I’ll be voting for Jeremy.

  2. Florence

    If only the BBC and other media types stopped paying him to give these stupid views (and I use the words carefully) air-time. He’s a low-rent Liz Kendall, with the same degree of charm and personality. The only use he has is to bolster the Tory message. Can the NEC not tell him to put a plug in it?

  3. Ian

    It’s people like Umunna that puts people off the Labour party. Not just their obvious Tory sentiments but their mannerisms and obfuscating, disingenuous vocabulary. This smacks of scorned lover. Well go away, Chuka. You’re not welcome.

    If all the crypto Tories on the Labour benches crossed the floor there’d be about 7 members left. If Jeremy Corbyn wins (fingers crossed), he’s going to have his work cut out clearing out the trash.

  4. Colteal

    It is clear to me that labour has lost its way it is a party formed for the ppl by the ppl they have moved in the direction of being a self indulgent party of the TORIES it should never happen labour should now be standing shoulder to shoulder with the unions as TORIES do with the city

  5. ian725

    Janice I think that you are right there is not enough of a difference between the main parties that the general electorate can see, leaving them with little choice as they see it. Labour (just as Mike continually points out) should have made a stronger stand against cuts and austerity and fought back against Tory lies prior to the election. The Liberals were always going to lose a large number of seats simply because their own supporters felt betrayed as early as when Clegg agreed to a Coalition with the Tories. Cameron and Co saw that as easy pickings and less opposition.

  6. john problem

    Personality problems are a waste of time. In the temporary (we hope) absence of a clear philosophy, Labour should simply go on an all-out attack on what the Tories are doing that people don’t really like. (Remember only 21% of the voters voted for the Tories). And firstly, they should research exactly what people don’t like about the Tories and their activities. Then concentrate on those points. All this counting angels on the head of a pin is a waste of time. Action is needed! Not navel-gazing, not nit-picking, not head scratching, not waffling on reviewing the past….
    For Heaven’s sake, Labour! Your country really needs you now!

  7. crazytrucker1951

    He is a disgrace to the Labour Party and the sooner he and Liz Kendall cross the floor into the waiting arms of the Tory Party the better, if they’ll have you.
    Can’t he be ejected from the Labour Party anyway for being a traitorous so-and-so. Seem to remember they’ve kicked out people for less.

  8. chriskitcher

    If campaigning against austerity is such a vote loser as so many of Labour’s right wing claim why did the SNP do well in Scotland at the general election?

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Exactly. The SNP won because it adopted an anti-austerity pose (although the IFS did point out that the party’s anti-austerity policies would have led to it cutting more expenditure than ‘pro-austerity’ Labour)!

      1. Ian

        Hush your mouth!

        The ‘wealth creators’ will spit their dummies out if you do that. You know how needy and precious the little darlings are.

  9. mrmarcpc

    How petulant and childish can you be, just because no one wanted to vote for him because no believes in him, to be a good leader or good at anything, he spits his dummy out like the big baby that he is and has a pop at Labour voters, the voters that he is supposed to represent and fight for and needs to win over but because he didn’t get his own way, he insults them, what are you, four, grow up boy and start acting like a man, take it on the chin and move on, with that attitude, it’s no wonder you and other of your ilk in the party are hated and deeply distrusted, it’s no wonder Labour is leaderless, it has become rudderless, aimless, useless and deeply unpopular, someone should tell you light tories, you don’t offend your supposed core vote if you want to become leader and prime minister, get out of there and go join your own breed, i.e. the tory party, here’s to Corbyn!

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