7 thoughts on “Tory who signed up as Labour supporter wanted to expose vote ‘farce’ – but found himself exposed instead

  1. Aelfy

    I had been a member before now, but re-joined when Jeremy Corbyn was put forward as a candidate for leadership. Why? because he is the ONLY one who stands a chance of saving the labour party from themselves and the rest of us from the tories.

  2. dagabhriel

    It seems with New Labour, its just the illusion of choice. That’s ok though they now have thousands of people joining up who actually believe in true values that Labour was founded on. This really isn’t going to improve the mood of the right wing of the party at all.

  3. mohandeer

    I would not have voted Blue Labour in May under Proportionate Representation I would have voted Green many other Green supporters had to vote tactically to get the Tories out and also voted Tory Lite as the lesser of two evils. If JC doesn’t get the leadership it is likely that the Labour Party will see their membership drop off substantially in favour of Green’s fiscally responsible mixed economic strategy and their fairer society approach. He may love Labour, but if he loses the leadership bid, he could do worse than renounce his Islington seat and go to aid the Greens and take all his support with him. Labour would not even be in the running if that happened(not sure it will anyway even with JC as Labour in Islington) My subscription to JC’s campaign will end soon and if JC doesn’t get in, so will my Labour subscription. Meanwhile the Green’s are keeping their fingers crossed JC doesn’t get in because they know they will see their party numbers jump whether JC condemns hem or not. Green’s would probably welcome JC into their fold because he has more in common with Greens than Labour Blues.

    1. Aelfy

      If he lost and joined the Greens? I would not follow him for in many senses that would be a form of betrayal to his many followers and I will not vote Green. Plaid perhaps but my vote would still be a wasted one.

  4. mrmarcpc

    Blue Labour that currently occupy the party right now fear Corbyn and will try any dirty tactic they can to scupper him, including letting tories sign up to join their party, glad to see it blew up in one smug, right wing scumbag’s face, keeping his donation, nice touch, must have been a genuine Labour supporter who found him out!

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