Seriously, Simon Danczuk? You think Labour MPs should reject the will of the party?

If this report on is accurate, it seems some so-called Labour MPs are too big for their boots and need to be kicked out.

The article claims that the Parliamentary Labour Party would try to remove Jeremy Corbyn if he becomes their leader, in a move that would be seen by the grassroots party as arrogant and undemocratic.

Any such rejection of the will of the Party is likely to cause a backlash that will break the MPs behind it – and quite right, if they are willing to split the party in order to service their own bloated egotism.

The article quotes Simon Danczuk as saying Labour MPs would “not put up” with Corbyn’s “crazy left-wing” policies.

If this is correct, perhaps Mr Danczuk didn’t realise which party he was joining when he signed up. He’s in the Labour Party, not with the Conservatives – although, with views like these, he can cross the floor to be with his real friends any time he likes.

“Am I going to put up with some crazy left wing policies that he is putting forward and traipse through the voting lobby to support him? It’s not going to happen is it? So I would give him about twelve months if he does become leader.”

The report states that, under Labour party rules, MPs can force a new leadership election with the support of as few as 47 MPs.

So what?

If Labour’s membership wants a left-wing leader, after the policies of all the right-wing neoliberals failed them twice, then they won’t brook any nonsense from the idiot right-wingers and will simply eject them, rather than the leader they want.

Yet the apparently-deluded Danczuk seems determined to deny the facts of the matter. If his view is widely-held in the PLP, the fact that Labour lost an election that should have been easy pickings suddenly becomes far easier to understand.

With a new poll suggesting Corbyn is set to win the leadership by a landslide, many Labour MPs are now calling for the whole race to be suspended and re-run.

“[The race is] not even tenable. We’re moving towards a position where [re-running] it is necessary,” Danczuk told LBC.

No, we’re not.

We’re moving towards a position where the resignation or removal of anti-democratic MPs like Danczuk is not only necessary but vital.

Source: Labour MPs plotting coup against Jeremy Corbyn ‘on day one’ – Westminster

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33 thoughts on “Seriously, Simon Danczuk? You think Labour MPs should reject the will of the party?

  1. mohandeer

    I really don’t believe the LP – they don’t want to represent the will of the people? So they chuck Corbyn out after a year by having 47 MP’s say they have no confidence in him – then what. The LP loses a huge majority of it’s members and becomes a Political Party with half a membership? Are they trying to commit political suicide, because that is what it will be. So many people now siding with JC will walk away from Labour and look elsewhere for a party that represents the will of what was traditionally the LP but no longer. They really do deserve whatever befalls them and we will have yet another Tory win in 2020. I’ll just keep urging people to vote Green as a plausible alternative to right wing Labour and hope we can get Proportional Representation before then – at least we might be able to keep the Tories and Blue Tory Lite parties out of office.

    1. John Gaines

      This imbecile is simply being used by the Reich Press as a means to ‘frack’ the Tory Lites of Labour, siphoning out their poisonous bile at the very idea that Corbyn could rain on their easy money parade.
      His proper place in journalism is more the Porn Magazine sector, rather than serious issues confronting a beleaguered Labour membership, who have only just discovered that they have been conned into financing and supporting a Parliamentary clique who have absolutely no pretensions towards upholding any Socialist ideals whatsoever, do they actually know what Socialism is..

      Let’s go get our money back, can we sue this lying dirt?

  2. Bill Kruse

    Bye-bye Labour. Say hello to the new anti-neoliberal alliance of parties. I have no doubt this will include more than a few presently in the Tory party too.

  3. hstorm

    Just for once, it would be refreshing if the Blairites would explain *why* Corbyn would be so damaging and *which* of his policies are ‘crazy’, and again why. At present, all they are doing is throwing incoherent abuse.

    1. Jim Round

      Very few who support Jeremy Corbyn can answer what would happen if he became leader and lost the 2020 election on mailnly left policies.
      Where would that leave traditional Labour and its supporters?
      Britain has been a small c Conservative country for the best part of half a century.
      I am old enough to remember Labour through the 80’s and the problems it had.
      I am still convinced, from personal experience, that the electorate will not elect a left-wing government.

      1. Alan Farr

        Yes but which of Corbyn’s policies do you disagree with and why? That’s what I want to hear. And what’s the point of a Labour Party that is simply soft focus toryism?

      2. John Gaines

        For you then it appears it is;

        ‘plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose
        Bitter disappointment when his Communist ideals were completely confounded John Paul Sartre,
        ‘Sartre’s assertions demanded we accept responsibility for our choices and our world, while embracing the inconceivable unknown. His devastating philosophies about being and nothingness continue to plunge people and their angst-ridden egos into the depths of an existential crisis’

        Englishmen are not so easily defeated, Old or Young we will do what we must do..

      3. Jim Round

        I personally don’t disagree with any of Jeremy Corbyn’s policies, but I am not the electorate.
        I have commented before about the results of the 2015 election, right leaning parties got a larger vote share than left leaning ones.
        If anything, the split in Labour will be worse than it was in the 80’s if Corbyn wins.
        Such is the infiltration of neoliberals/Blairites.
        What the Blairites are frightened of is being in the wilderness for the best part of a decade, remember that most politicians crave nothing more than power and will do anything they can to get it.
        As I said, my opinion that Labour will be defeated again in 2020 if Jeremy Corbyn is leader comes from listening to peoples comments from all over the country.
        We are a reactive society, swayed by constant MSM false narratives.
        One where photos and videos of cats get more views and opinions than those dying and suffering from benefit cuts.

      4. Mike Sivier Post author

        OUT with the Blairites if they can’t accept the change!
        If Labour changes again, the metamorphosis will attract a LOT of attention. Then the media won’t be able to influence people as much, because they will be making up their own minds, based on what they hear people in the thick of it saying.

      5. hugosmum70

        so what are you saying Jim Round??? you would rather put up with a load of watered down conservatives as the other 3 are, with their followers and this so called labour MP mentioned above, than someone willing to tackle all the things that are not only hurting people, but killing them as well. you would rather people were made destitute, made more ill, disabled, in more pain, more n more people jobless and homeless??? because thats what will happen if any one of the other 3 get in… yourself a labour supporter?are you really? it does not seem to me like you are.
        had Andy Burnham’s booklet come through the post this morning. his vision of what he wants to do if he becomes leader. its full of things/sayings, that others have said. a lot of which are Jeremy Corbyn’s ideas & ideals. has he done a U turn on them all? because its first time ive seen anything on his take on austerity, because hes not mentioned it before to any great degree. is he doing a conservatives trick and pretending to U turn? would not trust him at all after reading do i know hes not just saying these things only to do the opposite if he gets in. nope Jeremy is for me. he ticks all my boxes, and has done from the first time i heard his ideas/his speeches, read about him etc. AND HE HAS NEVER SWERVED FROM ANY OF THEM. he speaks with conviction and has done so all along. no changing half way through the campaign.

  4. Daniel Margrain

    These people are only interested in their own careers, not democracy. Corbyn’s popularity is predicated on the recognition that the party he has been a member of all his political life is returning to it’s core values. If the Blairites take exception to this, then they know where the door is.

    1. John Gaines

      Quite right, who needs to sleep in a bed of Snakes, “Out, out brief candle” Blairites are now defunct.

  5. David Woods

    Because incoherent abuse is all they have! If they had any logical reason they’d give it!
    I believe they don’t want to win the next election, because that government will have to deal with the fallout of two terms of Tory rule.
    Their demonisation of the poor, sick and elderly; the acquisition of wealth and support for ISIS through this governments activities in the Middle East!

    And of course we’ll still be bankrupt, bankers and lobbyists will still thrive, and the armed forces will continue to be too small to be an effective deterrent to any terrorist group let alone anyone seriously considering all out war against us!

      1. John Gaines

        No, but we are ‘Bankrupt’ we cannot repay what we have borrowed:
        Legally, technical insolvency in itself presents no problems (in the UK).

        An individual can only be declared bankrupt by a court at the request of themselves or an unpaid creditor. A technically insolvent company is free to keep trading as long as the directors reasonably believe that the company will be able to pay its debts, and, again, as long as an upaid creditor does not use the courts to force a liquidation. Of course, the state of the balance sheet does have a lot of bearing on what the directors can reasonably believe…..

        Does nobody wonder why the Tories are ‘Liquidating’ the poor, we have borrowed more on ‘Skunk’ Bonds than we can ever repay.

      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        Yes, we can repay what we have borrowed.
        If it was all demanded back tomorrow, we could tell the Bank of England to print the money and ship it off. Easy.
        There would, of course, be a knock-on effect from the creation of all that money, harmful to the economy. That’s why it is in the best interests of everybody, including our creditors, to take it back more slowly, in a planned way – the same way that any loan is paid back.
        Nations are not individuals, nor are they companies. Do not fall into the old and silly “maxed-out credit card” argument that the Tories used in 2010 – it’s fake.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      I’ve noticed him publicising it on Twitter.
      Labour should withdraw the whip and boot him into the wilderness.

  6. Keith Jackson

    Well said Mike. These people are seriously getting on my nerves. Its a fact that Corbyn hasnt even won yet, but if he does all these people that wont serve under him and all that is diabolical, perhaps your right they joined up for the wrong party.

    1. vomsters

      Blairite/neo-liberal: “I will refuse to serve under Corbyn as leader!”

      Should Corbyn win…

      Correct response #1: “The back benches are that way. Your payslip will be amended later today.”
      Correct response #2: “The door is that way. A by-election for your seat will be called shortly. Security will escort you to your office to collect personal belongings. Hand in your passes etc on your way out.”

  7. Ian

    Danczuk has always been a Tory, now is the time for him to shut his ridiculous face and cross the floor. Then he can trigger a by-election and stand as a Tory against someone who actually believes in Labour values. Let’s see what happens then, eh?

    Same goes for all of those of a similar bent. Well, once they’ve put their toys back in their prams, obviously.

    As for dumping Corbyn, does this self-serving little t*t think the wider membership would appreciate that? Does he think everyone will just sit back and suck it up? He might be surprised if this is case; not everybody is as pliant and deferential as a careerist Labour backbencher; some people bite back.

  8. Shaun-t

    To my thinking the actions of some Labour parliamentary MP’s – including many of those at the top, and particularly the ‘Blairires’, as to why the party allowed distortions put out by the Conservatives as to the causes of the crash of 2008 and the economic myth over the necessity for austerity – were allowed to pass unchallenged. I had been trying to work out whether these errors of strategy and economics were mostly due to ignorance or due to the fact that to state the real cause of the financial collapse of 2008 and the failure of austerity economic theory was/is because to do so would be to admit that ‘free markets’ are not (though we do not have free markets) always best at all times and across all sectors of a modern economy. How these blinkered free-market ideologues took over the higher echelons of the Parliamentary Labour Party is no doubt media and lobbyist based. These are very powerful interest groups, but if democracy and the vicious attack against the majority of British people is to be stopped and reversed, these powerful interest groups (along with their minions and £ billions) must be fought against and the Parliamentary Labour Party is the best group to start with. For it is they who’ve abused long held traditional values, and values that have served the nation’s employees, poor, disabled and its small businesses so well, and not Corbyn, and the party members who believe in the core beliefs and values of the Labour Party (c1930 – 1990 and 2015 -?).

  9. Pat Vanquish

    I’ll be up front. I am not a Labour voter. I do believe, though, that any government in the UK needs a strong and effective opposition in Parliament.

    A lot of the time I think that the problem is referring to it as the Labour Party. It’s a single party in name only and the tips of the wings are so politically contrasting that they have no sensible reason to share the same banner. ‘So-called’ Labour MP’s I must take issue with though. They are actual Labour MP’s. Members of the Party. It just promotes division within a party to attach such a label as a cheap shot.

    The reason behind it being a single party instead of a broad coalition is electability. The various factions on their own cannot get sufficient electoral support to have anything like a chance of forming a government.

    Whatever the ultimate leadership election results, they won’t mean anything if the people reject the party leader in the general election. Michael Foot had a huge influence in the Labour movement and embodied many of the ideals that traditional Labour Party members believed in. He was completely unelectable, however.

    So where does that leave the broader movement? Either it can splinter into smaller and smaller groups, each with their own preferred leadership choice, or it can reach compromise. It cannot reasonably be argued that any of the candidates are proper ‘compromise’ candidates. The suggestion that the Parliamentary Labour Party would work to oust Jeremy Corbyn if elected cannot be dismissed as betrayal of democracy that easily. Those are the MP’s who stood as Labour candidates and were elected by the people – not the party rank and file (which is NOT the people). It would seem that the MP’s support the idea of the most electable candidate. Maybe it is to give themselves career progression or maybe they believe that the best way for Labour to make a difference is to be in government. The Morning Star certainly thinks a Labour government is a desperate need. Opinions will vary.

    The Labour Party was formed to service the interests and needs of the urban proletariat, not the self-interest and unrealistic desires of party factions. Seriously, Labour Party, you think that Labour ideals are best served by factional disputes that will only weaken poor electoral chances?

  10. mrmarcpc

    The tory Labour members are trying to kill off the party by sabotaging Corbyn claiming he’s old, scruffy, useless, a red under the bed who will destroy the Labour party and the legacy that Blair built, what legacy, for using us and the world stage to help boost his ego, making a mess of the nation’s infrastructure and taking us into an illegal war in Iraq because the Americans said so, the Blairites are in no position to throw mud at anyone, they proved to be just as devious and useless as the Tories are and no one can tell them apart, are both cut from the same cloth and the people know it and that is why Corbyn is doing so well, he should win because if he doesn’t then the Labour party will never get back in power and will truly be dead.

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