Corbyn wins Labour leadership – Cameron flees to the Middle East

Cameron: Is he visiting refugees, or is he one himself?

Cameron: Is he visiting refugees, or is he one himself?

Did anybody else find it brutally amusing that very shortly after Jeremy Corbyn won the Labour leadership election, David Cameron was photographed in a Lebanese refugee camp?

Some might say he was overreacting to the Labour left-winger’s landslide victory.

But the fear in the Conservative Party is palpable. Consider the tweet that Cameron sent yesterday: “The Labour Party is now a threat to our national security, our economic security and your family’s security.”

This is the new message that Tories and their supporters will be pushing at you, in the style of Goebbels’ ‘Big Lie’, until you bloody well believe it! Nazi-style brainwashing of this kind has worked for them before and they reckon it’ll work again!


It seems we’re having none of it – at least, not at the moment. Here’s comedian Bill Bailey’s response:

“National Security under threat from Man with Beard in Cardigan! Wait…but.. that’s me also! I’ll…i’ll turn myself in…”

Brian May took it slightly more seriously:

“Shall we just be honest and say Corbyn is a massive threat to the Conservative Party ? Bri.”

Even the Rizzle Kicks (remember them?) got in on the act:

“You’re a threat to the underprivileged, disabled and all involved in the creative arts you absolute waste of energy.”

This Writer enjoyed the following from Rob Williamson:

“The Tories are masters of irony. “Vote Corbyn & you’ll starve!” Count the damn food banks.”

And then there’s this:


A week in politics may be a long time, but some of us have very long memories.

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20 thoughts on “Corbyn wins Labour leadership – Cameron flees to the Middle East

  1. loobitzh

    I watched and listened to Delightful Dave yesterday on a blog…
    Unfortunately for him, whilst at a community meeting up North, someone regrettably (or not) forgot to turn his microphone off and the public at that meeting (and subsequently all who have seen the video) were privileged to hear his views on Northerners.

    I believe it went something like this;;;;

    I knew Northerners hated all Southerners, but they also Hate each other!

    He then went on to far more important issues such as his trousers belt not having enough holes in it and whether his trousers were high enough…… he called on his advisor for reassurance for this issue. Or was it his Dresser!

    Perhaps he has also fled to foriegn parts so as to avoid the publics response to this also.

    Ducking Dave is a very good Ducker. although substituting the D might be more accurate.

    1. John Gaines

      Nice one that…. ‘Ducking Dave’ it fits:
      Dave Ducked to stay out of N. Ireland, only a couple of months ago he flew into Belfast to lay down the Law according to Dave….what a howl, he thought of a quick in and out after telling Stormont to like it or Lump it, they would have to cut their spending; they kept him overnight, instead of the hour or so he intended, telling him to hand over £1Billion or he was not going anywhere.
      It scared the Rabbit so much that he will not go over there again.

  2. Nick

    the sick and disabled have been made to suffer and die under the Conservative regime
    so i don’t understand this tweet of his The Labour Party is now a threat to our national security, our economic security and your family’s security.”
    for the sick and disabled that have died the threat has been and gone there dead with thousands more at risk

    i hope hes explained to the refugees that come here in that if you become sick or disabled you could end up dying as a result of your condition ? and by coming here you must work or be sent home ?

    i bet he has not gone in to let them know these small details i would say to the refugees to stay well away from the uk and try your best to get to Germany or Australia or anywhere then the uk

    to survive over many years of war just to come here and then just on poor health to then be persecuted by the DWP would be just complete and utter madness

    1. John Gaines

      The real threat to our Society is the useless crap that the Tories are stuffing us with:

      Britain orders more F-35s as part of biggest-ever defence project

      UK orders four more F-35B stealth jets as partners work to reduce the cost of the controversial fighter-bomber …………blah, blah and Blah.

      Now, the reality;
      The F-35 has yet to be deployed to an active conflict zone, with only 5, F-16’s recently sent to Turkey to assist in the fight against ISIS.

      However, some experts have doubts about the supposed prowess of America’s new generation of overly-engineered multi-purpose fighters.

      A recent statements by a U.S. aerospace designer says that the F-35 could be defeated by an aging MIG-21 force, to say nothing of Russia’s current inventory of actively serving fighter jets.

      Russian Sukhoi Su-25 Frogfoot fighter bombers currently serve in the Ukraine front, aging Iranian F-4’s have conducted operations on the Iraqi-Iranian border against IS. It is speculated that modern Russian aircraft will soon be flying out of Latakia Syria.

      Lucky for us that we are not going to WAR, ANYTIME SOON.
      I wonder who got Paid off on this Dog.

  3. Mr.Angry

    Cameron at it again, what a dramatist, I recall him feeding a lamb in a recent photo-shot, surprised me he knew which end to feed the lamb, no doubt the farmer had reversed it in his grasp, so as the lamb had the bottle in its mouth.

    What a total waste of space this man is.

  4. Aelfy

    Labour are facing one heck of an uphill battle against the rabid tory media and the tories themselves. Thank goodness we now have the right man at the helm,I expect the tories will now go into over-overdrive to screw up this country even more for now they are running scared and there is nothing worse than a tory politician in fear of losing his cash cow. x

  5. wildswimmerpete

    “This is the new message that Tories and their supporters will be pushing at you, in the style of Goebbels’ ‘Big Lie’”………….the work of Lynton Crosby. He did such a good job for the Tories.

  6. lorraine gibson

    I so wish Jeremy and the rest of the labour party could come up with some power statements of their own. Would be very pleasing. Defense is the best form of attack

  7. AndyH

    Our ‘betters’ have spent decades getting people to vote against their own interests – often by hysteria, misinformation and downright lies. Websites such as vox political are a good way of countering this.

  8. Mr.Angry

    BBC Radio 4 at it again this morning, interviews up in Liverpool getting a response on peoples views on Corbyn,

    I swear the whole thing was a set up by the BBC, had to turn it off in disgust.

    My, the Tories are upset aren’t they ? Their media assassination of JC is reflective of their fears.

    Behave like a bunch of hormonal school kids.

    I note IDS gone quiet at the moment is he also running scared one asks. UN on his tail can you imagine the response from IDS love to be a fly on the wall.

  9. NMac

    I believe that during the 1945 general election campaign Churchill tried to tar Clement Attlee’s Labour Party with the “threat to national security” brush. The result of that election showed the British people knew it was utter nonsense.

  10. mrmarcpc

    You can so tell that the Tories are now scared of Mr. Corbyn, their feeble attempts to scupper him all backfired and now they’ve got a legitimate rival sitting across from them, they’ve had it easy for the past five years as they’ve had no real competition, especially with the Labour party been full of closet Tories, the right have had it their own way and were sitting pretty and cockily laughing their heads off, Cameron was never really tested and put under real pressure, but now he will be and he knows it, hence why he ran away to the Middle East, now the Tories really have somebody to go toe to toe with and they don’t like it, watch them all over the next coming months squirm and sweat in their seats as they go up against a real politician and the real threat to the country is you Davey boy and the Tories!

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