Corbyn could face wave of resignations in attempt to pave way for a coup

Jeremy Corbyn attracted thousands of people to hear him speak on the doorstep of the Conservative Party conference, and 'moderates' in his own party are allegedly planning a 'coup' against him. How stupid is that?

Jeremy Corbyn attracted thousands of people to hear him speak on the doorstep of the Conservative Party conference, and ‘moderates’ in his own party are allegedly planning a ‘coup’ against him. How stupid is that?

The comment at the bottom of the following excerpt is the most telling – that no coup will be successful if it doesn’t carry grassroots support.

This means no coup will be successful.

The grassroots voted for Corbyn. The grassroots want his policies actioned. The grassroots are not interested in the opinions of so-called ‘moderates’ and failed leader candidates.

These people seem to think they can effect in the Labour Party what happened in Scotland after the independence referendum. That is a huge mistake.

The Scottish Nationalists had the Labour Party to kick against, after the IndyRef – a Labour Party that was dominated by precisely the ‘moderates’ who think their opinions are relevant now.

In other words, the ‘moderates’ who ensured that Labour lost all but one Scottish MP to the SNP.

The grassroots know that these ‘moderates’ and their policies are dismal failures. Most of them – if they were honest – should be living in fear of deselection, because they are now so badly out of tune with the people they claim to represent.

There will be no sympathy for an attempted coup – especially if it follows half-hearted campaigning in anticipation of a coup to follow.

Any Labour Party member worth their salt, who has a Labour MP, should be contacting that MP and requesting full and frank disclosure of their position with regard to this matter – because any ‘moderates’ contemplating a ‘coup’ are a danger to Labour’s electability.

The majority of the Labour Party needs to know who they are – now.

And eliminate them.

“There will be an uprising in the PLP [Parliamentary Labour Party] at some point,” one Labour MP told The Independent. “But we have to get our timing right. We may only have one shot.”

Concerted resignations by several ministers and parliamentary aides close to Gordon Brown in 2006 helped to force Tony Blair to reveal his departure timetable as Prime Minister.

Some Blairites hope that a similar frontbench revolt would show that Mr Corbyn cannot govern the party and they hope to force a leadership contest at next autumn’s Labour conference. But other moderates are more cautious, warning that premature action could backfire. Without significant grassroots support for a change of leader, they fear,  Mr Corbyn or another left-wing figure would be elected.  Another MP said: “We will  need to carry enough party members with us. Otherwise it would end in disaster.”

Source: Jeremy Corbyn could be hit by wave of resignations in attempt to pave way for a coup | UK Politics | News | The Independent

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22 thoughts on “Corbyn could face wave of resignations in attempt to pave way for a coup

  1. Rupert Mitchell (@rupert_rrl)

    Jeremy Corbyn has been voted for as leader by the vast majority of sincere Labour supporters and these few upstarts will do nothing to persuade those sincere voters to change their minds but they will do a great deal of harm to themselves.

  2. gfranklinpercival

    The full quotation from ‘On The Waterfront’ is “I coulda’ been a contender. – Instead of a bum, which is what I am – let’s face it.”

    They lost and should behave with dignity rather than allowing their friends in the meejah to encourage them to throw their toys out of the pram.

    For the first time in 35 years we have a home for our socialist vote. We will not yield.

  3. daijohn

    This sounds as thought it could end up as a Neil Kinnock type purge but without the need for a purge. Those unwanted will go ‘voluntarily’, however they must resign as MPs as well as post-holders.

  4. David Bacon

    The problem seems to be with NuLabor MPs who think that they actually own the party and are the only ones able to dictate its policies. Blair has gone. Why are these so called ‘Labour’ MPs so scared of the few moderate reforms proposed by Corbyn. A nationalised railway could work well – they do very well indeed on the continent and around the world, the privatised railways are just a profiteering, disorganised mess. Corbyn is only proposing measures which happened and worked in the past. What’s not to like?

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      For clarity, I think it should be stated that ‘moderate’ in the above comment follows the dictionary definition – “not excessive or unreasonable” – and not the current media definition of a Labour ‘moderate’, which seems to mean ‘rabidly right-wing; practically Tory’.

      1. David Bacon

        Yes, sorry about that. I fear that if the current media keep using ‘moderate’ to describe anything right-wing, the definition will become the accepted one. But so far, despite the media’s various attempts to change the meaning of words, the tories only manage to get around a third of the votes in General Elections.

  5. Chris Kitcher

    The first thing Corbyn or one of his group need to do is to get rid of Mandellson, Hunt and other right wing Tories that are currently infecting the Labour Party. Politics is ruthless and Jeremy needs to be ruthless aginst these traitors.

    1. Michael Broadhurst

      quite right Chris,Mandelson,Hunt,Cooper and other Tory lites should go.
      it should be rammed home to these people by Corbyn that their policies
      lost the last two elections,which wasn’t helped by the pathetic Milliband leadership.

  6. Neilth

    Once again the immoderates are calling for a purge. I agree that those who are from the right of the party should button their lips and stop briefing against the democratic will of the overwhelming majority of the party members. However if they have a point of view they are free to express it privately and argue for their position no matter how unreasonable it is so long as they do so in closed meetings.

    Once they have lost the vote then they should accept the democratic view of the majority of the party.

    Most of our MPs seem to need reminding that the Labour Party is a democratic organisation and they are selected to stand in their constituencies to represent that constituency party.

    Those who have been left behind by recent events must now reflect on whether they truly believe in party democracy and also party discipline and behave accordingly. If they cannot accept the new approach and are unable to follow the democratic will then perhaps they should resign. Certainly they should speak to the constituency party who can then decide whether the MP continues to have the full support of their membership.

    Corbyn was particularly noted for voting against the whip on many occasions in his time as a backbencher but he and the few like minded members of the awkward squad were mostly tolerated as principled Mavericks who were supported by their constituency parties.

    This new breed of potential right wing Mavericks are seen as a threat due to their numbers. If Constituencies make it clear that we support the new leadership I believe many of them will listen and accept party discipline.

    If there is an attempted coup against the leadership this could destroy the party as it will produce unnecessary internal conflict that could tear us apart.

    Those of us on the left have endured 20 years of being sidelined but many of us stayed in the party believing that our views will once again become the mainstream view. We’ve waited (impatiently) but are now in the ascendant and are moving the party forward to a more egalitarian stance.

    History tells us that movement to the left or right is cyclical but the general trend remains.

  7. Jarrow

    This farrago is patently stupid. Labour party members overwhelmingly voted for Corbyn, who would have won conspicuously even without people paying £3.00 to have a say and be accused of entryism. So if the parliamentary party thinks that stabbing Corbyn in the back and deposing him would lead to Liz Kendall or Yvette Cooper ending up as leader are on a hiding to nothing because Labour’s membership will simply vote to support a Corybyn equivalent over and above any others who may be standing. All that would happen would be to weaken Labour. A house divided against itself cannot stand.

    1. HomerJS

      Actually it would be unlikely that there was a Corbin equivalent as there would not be enough MPs to support getting them on the ballot. Which just goes to show how out of touch the MPs are with the voters.

  8. Laura

    The whole Labour Party is a farce. Everyone on here is harping on about how great Jeremy Corbyn is and calling Hunt and leading Tories evil, but who’s the one who wants the UK to have no armed deterrent against people who would rather destroy the UK. Jeremy Corbyn…. What a surprise !!! He’s a communist anyway supporting Hesbollah and Hamas and openly swearing his support. People moan a lot about the Tories but they know what they are doing, history shows this. Better in the past than what we are now what with Cameron cosying up to Putin and the Chinese leaders, we still have it a lot better than other countries, I’m a realist and not a naive Labour fantasist who would rather see more English soldiers being killed here on our streets by Islamic ISIS defenders and terrorist lovers like Corbyn.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      On the contrary, Jeremy Corbyn does not have any issue with us having an armed deterrent – he simply does not agree that we should use our armed forced on foreign adventures that have nothing to do with us, or only an extremely tenuous link. He would use the forces for the defence of the realm, not the oppression of others. See the difference?
      Your comments about Hezbollah and Hamas have already been addressed, here and elsewhere, I think. You have confused politeness for an exclamation of support. And what does Communism have to do with supporting either of those organisations in any case?
      People moan a lot about the Tories because we know what they are doing, and it’s a disaster for the UK and all parts of the world who depend on us to any degree.
      You have been brainwashed very thoroughly. Please detach yourself from the right-wing media and seek balanced reports on current events.

    2. Neilth

      The Tories certainly know what they are doing. They are reducing our conventional forces to such a degree that we are seriously compromised in terms of our international commitments while putting a runaway commitment into buying a Trident system that should never be used. The so-called deterrent rationale doesn’t seem to hold water, most countries don’t have nuclear weapons and seem to be doing fine. Those countries that do have them have enough to destroy the world and everything on it many times over and the Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) theory has been totally discredited.

      Sadly they also know what they are doing in other areas where they are eroding or completely removing support for the most vulnerable in society in order to finance tax cuts for the wealthy. Destroying the NHS through lack of funding or by reneging on negotiated contracts in order to drive people to seek private insurance if they can afford it so the right can achieve its stated aim of getting rid of the NHS for ideological reasons. In education they are again drastically reducing funding to schools and to teacher training as they have decided that Academy Schools don’t need to employ professionally qualified teachers.

      I could go on but it’s all too depressing

      Yes Laura most of the comments you see on this site are Labour supporting. This is because this is a forum for discussing Labour’s policies and responses to Tory dictat.
      Clearly your inability to comprehend the difference between Socialism and Communism is hampering you in your analysis and I am sure that if you ask then there are many simple tutorials that contributors could suggest to help you understand. Equally there are many lessons from history that could be learned re Tory defence policy for example if one takes away the only capital ship from the South Atlantic then one can expect British dependencies to be vulnerable to invasion within weeks resulting in a nasty little war.

      Citing Corbyn saying we should talk to people who oppose our way of life as a bad thing and then pointing out Cameron’s involvement with Putin and the Chinese strikes me as being in the realms of double think.

      Finally using the self appellation ‘realist’ is usually an indicator that the person has failed to grasp the complexity of a subject and sees things only in black and white. I do hope this has helped.

      1. Mike Sivier Post author

        Just one comment: I would say most of the comments on this site are Labour-supporting because this site makes it very clear that the Conservatives are creating this country’s problems and Labour is most likely to provide the solutions.

  9. Terry Jager

    This looks a lot like the media testing the waters , possibly at the behest of certain interested people who knows ? Assuming this isn’t false reporting Mr Corbin ought to act fast and without compassion to the very few who would stand againt the only Labour leader to gain 60% of the vote (a man very much in tune with the uk electorate unlike the rebels). In my opinion had Jeremy Corbin won the Leadership election 6 to 12 months before the General election we would have a Labour government now ! (Damn sure the right wingers know this) The media like to portray him as weak under qualified leader of a fragmented party .a bit old and out of his depth …. I see a gentleman who has listened and set a course to help ALL the uk people , not just those with influence . To mistake this gentlemans kindness for weakness could & should in my opinion be the biggest error these so called “moderates” ever make ,offering to include the blairites at the top levels of the party – which was snubbed ! told all of us exactley what these few are in the labour party for…… and its not to help ordinary folk.

  10. longbenavery

    You always know somethings up when Mandleson gets wheeled out on every bloody channel pushing crapulous ideas.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Ideas marked by intemperance in eating or drinking, or sickness from overindulgence in drink?

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