MPs could be forced to debate a no-confidence vote in David Cameron


At the time of writing, the petition calling for a no-confidence vote in David Cameron has more than 113,000 signatures and is gaining around 1,000 per hour.

It must now be considered for Parliamentary debate – even though the government never bothered to respond to it when it reached 10,000 signatures, despite that being the rule. For the record, the wait for a response has been 101 days so far. And counting…

Cameron won’t be ousted, even if there is a debate and vote – but a high number of signatures on the petition can’t fail to make an impression.

If you haven’t signed already, the petition for a no confidence vote in David Cameron may be found here.

MPs could be forced to debate a no-confidence vote in the British Prime Minister, David Cameron.

A petition, which accuses him of causing “devastation for the poorest in society for the last 5 years”, is closing in on the 100,000 signatures required for a parliamentary debate.

It adds: “We cannot afford another 5 years of Tory rule, with the recent welfare reform that will cause nothing but immense poverty in the UK.”

Petitions that pass 10,000 signatures receive a response from the Government, while any petition attracting more than 100,000 names is considered for debate in Westminster Hall, the overflow room for parliamentary debate.

However the Government has yet to respond to the petition, despite it easily passing the 10,000 threshold with more than 97,000 signatures as of Thursday afternoon.

Source: MPs could be forced to debate a no-confidence vote in David Cameron | UK Politics | News | The Independent

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25 thoughts on “MPs could be forced to debate a no-confidence vote in David Cameron

  1. Stephen Bee

    If the debate goes against Cameron..doesn’t that trigger just a replacement Johnson, or God forbid Osbourne? Surely we want a no confidence vote on the whole Tory Party?

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      It won’t trigger anything. Any vote will not be binding on the government. That is the problem with ALL debates triggered by e-petitions.

      1. Stephen Bee

        So for all their bluster about being open n transparent..they can waste time addressing the petition…in the full knowledge that any decision reached, if it goes against can be ignored? Brilliant…democracy? dictatorship more like. Can only hope the army/police reach breaking point soon and oust them with a coup…anybody got general Sisi’s number for assistance? Lol

      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        No – it shows the Tories that there is a large – and growing – proportion of the population that is dead-set against them.

  2. ian725

    Mike is correct. Anyway most MP’s would either ignore it or just pay lip service. The thought (to them) of constituents ,voters, people in general able to sack any of them or influence Government in that way is nonsensical. That is what the supposed ‘Opposition ‘ is there to effect.

    1. Joanna

      But i don’t understand opinions are not actions, they have already legally crippled everyone who doesn’t have any money! They can just ignore everything they don’t like and the law seems to protect them!!!!

  3. Antoinette Sym

    At least they’ll know there’s a huge number of disaffected people in the country and we’re all pretty angry.

  4. Nick

    with so many deaths of the sick and disabled under his belt in going through welfare reform you would think David Cameron was brought up in the middle east or other type of repressive regime

    yes the public do now see him for what he’s worth but very late i may add in the day and the enormous damage he has done which will if ever take years to undo

  5. erny

    the tories are a law unto themselves god help us if osbourne ever becomes prime minister they got into power by the backdoor 24 percent voted for them this time and last time libdems helped them into power and now they are trying to change boundries to help them stay in power we need to get rid of tories not just cameron

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      That’s his choice. Do you really want to read his take on it? I’m sure he’ll oblige now!

  6. Rob Campbell

    OK maybe I’m a bit of a novice in these matters, but if Cameron has to respond to this petition, does that not demonstrate people power – in a dilute form. If a 100,000 petition can do this what could a 1,000,000 petition do?

  7. hollygrainger

    The point of the petition is not to get rid of Cameron or the Conservative government. Our politics don’t work that way. It’s undermining the government, it’s showing them that they do not have the support of the people. This makes Conservative MPs in marginal seats twitchy about whether they will get in power at the next election. This makes the the government weak and possibly look for a different leader. Looking for a different leader makes them look weak to the electorate and less likely to be voted into power.

    1. mrmarcpc

      Any more petitions like this calling for Camoron’s or any other tory’s head or for against another benefit cut or them screwing us all even more, do let me know as I’m not always around to go onto yours and Void’s sites, my e-mail add is – [email protected]
      Thank you.

      1. Mike Sivier Post author

        I’m surprised you’re willing to put up your email address on a forum like this. Let us know if you get any weird, unsolicited mail!

      2. mrmarcpc

        Yes but if you think it is possibly harmful to me then take it down but I’ll repost it, minus the e-mail address.
        if there are any more petitions like this calling for Camoron’s or any other tory’s head or for against another benefit cut or them screwing us all even more, do let me know.

      3. Mike Sivier Post author

        If it hasn’t been harmful so far, it probably won’t.
        I have to make the point when people put up personal information about themselves, though – better safe than sorry.

      4. mrmarcpc

        I understand what you’re saying Mike, you do have to be careful when posting your details on sites like this, never know who’s reading them, will not post it again, so far, nothing bad has come my way.

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