Ignore the back-seat drivers; Corbyn was right in his behaviour – and his beliefs

Does anybody care that some former First Sea Lord might resign the Labour whip over Jeremy Corbyn’s views about nuclear weapons?

Who thinks Nigel Farage should have any kind of say over Mr Corbyn’s behaviour at the cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday?

What about The Sun, claiming Corbyn should have bowed more deeply after placing his wreath. What does an exaggerated piece of theatre have to do with respect for the dead?

It’s all rubbish, of course. Silly noises made by the chatterers to undermine someone they don’t like. Gossip.

Corbyn has a view on nuclear weapons, but we can see from his words about the Second World War that he has a view about fighting evil, too.

Perhaps – and I know it’s an unfashionable idea nowadays – it’s why he went into politics in the first place.

Lord West criticised the current chief of the defence staff, Gen Sir Nicholas Houghton, for comments he made on Sunday in which he said he was worried by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s statement that he would never use nuclear weapons.

West said: “We (military figures) tend to say things as we see rather than spinning them or being clever with our words.”

“He was trying to be careful but he got bluffed into saying a little bit more than he should have done.”

The peer said no action was needed against Houghton other than to advise him to “be careful”.

He claimed that Houghton had been naive in being walked into answering a question he should not have answered, but insisted the issue had been overblown.

Nigel Farage said Corbyn should have bowed more deeply at the Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday.

The Sun newspaper also claimed Corbyn had insulted the war dead by failing to bow his head more deeply when he laid his wreath.

Corbyn turned up at the Cenotaph in a dark suit wearing a red poppy and stayed behind after the service to talk to former servicemen informally, rather than attending a formal lunch.

Writing in the Daily Telegraph, the paper’s former editor Charles Moore refused to join the criticism, saying: “There was nothing wrong with his slight bow, he wore unobjectionable clothes, a red poppy and a respectful expression.”

Corbyn’s views are close to pacifist, but he has defended the second world war as a fight against fascism.

Source: Trident: former first sea lord criticises armed forces chief for Corbyn remarks | UK news | The Guardian

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10 thoughts on “Ignore the back-seat drivers; Corbyn was right in his behaviour – and his beliefs

    1. Maxwell Turnbull

      What is happening to Jeremy Corbyn is nothing more than the old trick of ” monstering “. It happened; as the previous poster has stated, with Michael Foot. It always occurs when the powers-that-be identify someone who presents a credible threat to them

  1. visualjaz

    This is all ‘Total B*****ks’.. More Mis-Direction & Mis-Information from the MAINSTREAM media.. Which on a good day is never to be believed. And on a bad day is never to be believed.. The Government must be pushing through more Draconian Legislation.. And will always push s*** stories like these!!!!!!!!! Yours The Incredibly Angry Citizen.. If they told the truth, this Excuse for a Government wouldn’t last FIVE(5) MINUTES, Never mind Five Years!!!!

  2. Roy Beiley

    The playground bullies are not having much effect. Jeremy Corbyn has no time for what the biased media are saying. They are unable to goad him into an angry retort whereupon they could scream” Corbyn throws a wobbly over claims he didn’t bow low enough at Cenotaph”
    I used to like Andrew Marr but this is quickly turning to dislike as he is using his Sunday morning “show” to show deference to the Tories by craftily leading his “guests” to say indiscreet and sometimes undemocratic things about Jeremy Corbyn. These comments are then taken up by the rest of the media circus and hysterical stories are spun as part of the Establishment’s “let’s rubbish Corbyn” campaign. At least Jeremy Paxman never let his guests feel comfortable before firing the “torpedo” question. They were ill at ease and on guard from the start. Honest journalism vs dishonest journalism.

  3. Jayne

    I’m sad, truly sad, that such utterly petty matters occupy people’s thoughts. Remembrance Sunday, for me, is simply that, to “remember”. I don’t wear a poppy, I don’t need to “fit in” and I don’t need to be told how to do my “remembering”.

    I read a post on a friend’s FB which said that he’d “been for a walk on Sunday afternoon and hardly anyone was wearing a poppy and were “selfish b*****ds”.
    What prevails that we are judged by such things?

    Do my private tears on Sunday, or my day-long reflection on how hideous all war is, my refusal to accept that bombing and killing is the answer to the painful mess the world beholds, mean less than other people’s outward displays at a service?

  4. Jeffery Davies

    They worried very very worried about labour reclaiming its roots they try every dirty deed just so that they can get thebblair babies back incharge but the peasants now know the truth thachers children were planted into labour and now its time for them to cross the floor jeff3

  5. ian725

    Perhaps just straying from the unwarranted gossip on Gentleman J. Corbyn . The bigger headlines should have been the slight shown against the Merchant Navy. I could go into details on why this is so wrong with the Royal Pirating Officers from from the MN simply because they (MN) were the ‘professionals’ and the Royal needed them, along with the ‘Battle for the North Atlantic’ fought over 4 catastrophic years of loss of men far greater than any other service and with the Murmansk Convoys which helped keep Russia alive and fighting. Britain could not have ,indeed would not have survived the War WW2 without the sacrifice of the MN’s tens of thousands of men. Perhaps Mike you have an inkling into Why the British Legion decided to slight them.

  6. Barry Davies

    Personally I found Corbyn’s whole approach to be far more acceptable than the tories and lib dems managed to do, there was nothing wrong with his demeanour when he laid his wreath.

  7. hayfords

    I agree that comments about Corbyn not bowing are very silly. A nod is just as reverential as a bow. I must say that I don’t remember much said against Foot apart from looking very sloppy at the Cenotaph. They said he was wearing a donkey jacket, but it was a perfectly nice coat that was shorter than the others being worn.

    Saying that, I still think he is the wrong leader of the Labour party. I have voted Labour, although it was in the Wison era and even voted Liberal and campaigned for them. A strong opposition is good for democracy. The way Labour is embarking on a civil war is not good for democracy. Corbyn is not going to get elected. The press will gang up on him at some stage apart from anything. The Conservative party are noticeably quiet over Corbyn. They do not want him to be ousted before the election as they regard him as a walkover. The moderates in Labour will probably get rid of him next year at some point. That is the way the betting is going.

    It looks like official policy will be to keep Trident. There will be a Commons vote in the next few months on renewing Trident and it will pass. It is inconceivable that there could be a party leader that could survive with Trident confirmed by Labour and Conservatives who refused to use it. That may be a tipping point.

    The Conservatives are keeping their powder dry and there is a lesson from Yes Prime Minister. If all else fails then pull out the MI5 file.

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