It’s not as bad as it seems – there are still nearly twice as many names on the petition as are needed to secure a discussion on whether there should be a debate on the subject in Parliament.

But there remains the fact that the Conservative Government has been removing names from a Parliament e-petition on the grounds that they are “fraudulent”.

We don’t know which names have been removed, or on what criteria. All we know is that civil servants say 6,208 signatures matching these criteria have been removed.

This is setting a dangerous precedent – especially on a petition that should have received a response from the government after it achieved 10,000 signatures – three months ago. So far, there has been nothing but silence.

What does this tell you?

Civil servants have been removing signatures from a petition calling for MPs to debate a no confidence vote in David Cameron.

More than 6,000 “fraudulent” names were removed from the e-petition, which accuses Mr Cameron of causing “devastation for the poorest in society for the last 5 years”.

But despite the Government removing the 6,208 signatures, the petition has won the backing of more than 188,000 people.

MPs on the Petitions Committee will decide whether MPs should debate the motion.

Source: Government officials remove more than 6,000 names from petition calling for no confidence vote in David Cameron | UK Politics | News | The Independent