As you sow, so shall you reap, Chuka Umunna

The best word to describe crybaby Chuka these days is “shrill”.

Also hypocritical, of course. Isn’t it interesting that he’s complaining about Labour extremists (who call themselves moderates) being “insulted, trolled and threatened” after they spent all summer doing that to supporters of the party’s new leader, Jeremy Corbyn?

The persecution of the so-called Corbynites by a very small group of right-wingers, desperate to hold on to their grip on party policy, was a disgrace to all concerned.

Has anybody seen any evidence to support his claim?

Look at Chuka’s comments regarding Kevan Jones. Does he even know that Jones himself has suggested MPs “should be taken to the nearest lunatic asylum” in a political debate?

Umunna and his like-minded colleagues are an embarrassment.

Labour MPs are being insulted, trolled and threatened with deselection for expressing their views on issues of security and conscience, according to Chuka Umunna, the former shadow business secretary.

He called for the threats to stop and for the party once again to be a broad church. He also urged Jeremy Corbyn to give Labour MPs a free vote on the extension of RAF bombing to Syria, saying it was a matter of conscience and citing support from the shadow chancellor, John McDonnell, for a free vote.

He also said remarks by Ken Livingstone claiming the shadow defence minister, Kevan Jones, needed psychiatric help meant it was inappropriate for him co-chair the party’s defence review alongside the shadow defence secretary, Maria Eagle. Corbyn’s office did not inform Eagle that Livingstone was being appointed to the post, leaving her to discover the news on social media.

Livingstone reluctantly but unreservedly apologised for his remarks, after being forced to do so by the Labour leader.

Source: Chuka Umunna: Labour MPs being trolled and threatened over security | Politics | The Guardian

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8 thoughts on “As you sow, so shall you reap, Chuka Umunna

  1. John Ingamells

    It’s a daily undermining and undemocratic campaign by the likes of Umunna and Hunt, Danczuck and others. They see no problem with this counterproductive campaign, use of the right wing media, organisation and immediate reactionary indignation at those individuals that can weaken Corbyn’s authority. It plain to see that this is their priority over what it should be, attacking this extreme ideological government. Yet, if they encounter any opposition or defence of Corbyn and democracy, they immediately cry ‘ victim’ as if the attitudes against them are unilateral rather reactions of defending Corbyn and true Labour. I think the honest approach would be to admit they are pro-active and little different in policy thinking to the Tories, not some poor victims of a campaign of trolling. If Chuka is getting tweets of that nature his current Twitter entries don’t support that state. We need a true Labour Party united against the Tories not constant attacks using right wing media outlets

    1. Roy Beiley

      Hear Hear! They like to dish out the poison but then get all full of self-pity when they are on the receiving end of the same sort of thing.If it is too hot then get out of the kitchen.

  2. simplyshirah

    The lies emanating from these right wingers – let’s drop the “moderates” as it doesn’t fit Chuka one iota. The insults that Labour Party members have had to stomach over the past months from these MPs has been unprecedented. Why is it that they think they have a right to be rude, aggressive, nasty, and in terms of Danczuk publicly and we have no rights at all? All it does is show the utter hypocrisy of these right wingers. “We are MPs! You must do what we say! We’re in control!” These people have to learn that Mr Corbyn – like him or loath him – has been overwhelmingly elected as leader. One rule for these MPs and another rule for everyone else? I think not. If you don’t like the heat Chuka then I should get out of the kitchen and take Danczuk with you!

  3. Tom Doherty

    For goodness sake, its all bloody starting again the childish, party wrecking in house politics, the PLP needs to make all this tittle tattle outside of chambers an offence punishable with Labour membership being revoked, it may be radical but so is showing the Tory scum Labour is still a divided party, more concerned with individual gravitas than solidarity. Do the new Labour members who joined in their droves want or expect to see these childish divisions, no they bloody well don’t, accept apologies when given for the greater good of unity in the ranks, you don’t have to love or even like a colleague privately, but outwardly and for the party you bloody well have to at least pretend you do, especially when the right wing gutter snipes are ready to quote every insult over and over until it is entrenched in the public’s psych.

  4. Sal

    It’s sad to see that the old princes of the Labour Party would rather wreck it than let it be run by its members and their elected leader. They presumably feel that they genuinely know better than everyone else and that they are trying to save us from ourselves. It’s a common mistake of imperialists.

  5. noddy

    it is very strange that Umunna, Danzuk etc would rather lost the next election that shut up and let democracy work ie support who the public have chosen as leader of the party. As Sal says, it is unbelievably patronising and insulting that these MPs think the public are wrong/stupid in how they have voted and need to be stopped! This arrogance shocking but all the better for coming out into the open for a change where we can see it, meaure it and deal with it. The whole system needs an overhaul it is corrupt, elitist and more.

  6. mrmarcpc

    What do you expect from closet tories, they lost the vote on who was to be their new leader, they don’t like it so spit their dummies out and continue the work their right wing allies want them to do, scupper Labour, he like all the rest of them are pathetic and should realise their time hiding within Labour is over and should just accept it and get out of there and go join their blue brethren!

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